Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The H&W Investigations Gang Talks About Favorite Foods: By Jess Haines

Hello there!  Jess Haines here.  

I’m the author of the urban fantasy H&W Investigations series HUNTED BY THE OTHERS, TAKEN BY THE OTHERS and DECEIVED BY THE OTHERS.  I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to some of the cast—Shiarra Waynest, the lead character, Sara, her business partner, Chaz, her on-and-off werewolf boyfriend, Arnold, a mage who lends her a hand, and Alec Royce, a vampire Shiarra meets in the course of her adventures.

Shiarra and her friends are going to discuss what they like to eat, some of their comfort foods, etc.  Over to you, Shia!


Shiarra:  Comfort foods? Seriously?

Chaz: I like pie.

Arnold:  Dutch apple for the win!

Sara:  I prefer cherry, personally.

Arnold: Pie heathen!

Royce: Is it necessary for me to be here for this topic? It’s been so long since I’ve consumed solid foods, I don’t really recall what I used to eat.

Shiarra: Ha! Sucks to be you.

Royce: Perhaps you’d like to stand in as my comfort food, Ms. Waynest? I promise I wouldn’t take too much…

Shiarra: AUGH!  

Chaz: Stay away from her, freak!

Sara: That’s just all kinds of wrong right there.

Arnold: Hey, I have a question.

Royce:  Yes?

Arnold:  What happens if you eat solid food?

Royce:  Things best not discussed in polite company.

Chaz: In that case, we’re all set.  So?

Shiarra: I’m not sure I really want to know.

Royce:  I suppose it’s not that terrible. With practice, we can hold the food down for an hour or more.  Later, we must purge ourselves.

Shiarra:  That sounds really gross.  Whatever that means.

Arnold:  He barfs. I hope.

Shiarra & Sara:  EW!

Royce:  I warned you that it wasn’t meant for polite company.

Shiarra: Ugh. If I wasn’t so grossed out, now I’d need comfort food. I don’t think I could keep anything down right now.

Sara:  Wait, I have a question.

Shiarra:  No, you don’t!

Royce:  For some reason, I’m finding this rather entertaining.  Yes, Ms. Halloway?

Sara:  Does that also apply to drinks?  Also, do you, like… have bodily functions?  I mean, what do you do with all that blood you drink?

Shiarra: Oh, my god, SARA!

Sara:  What?!  It’s a valid question!

Arnold:  That’s my girl!

Royce:  We can consume some drinks without difficulty.  Water, tea, liquor—nothing with solids, such as smoothies.  As for the rest of your question—

Chaz:  I don’t think we need to hear it, blood-breath.

Royce: Suit yourselves.

Shiarra:  Someone get me a barf bag.


You can learn more about Shiarra and the rest of her friends in HUNTED BY THE OTHERS (link:  What about you?  What are some of your favorite / comfort foods?

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Thanks again for having me and the gang over, Brooklyn Ann!

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  1. I love seafood. But for comfort I like soup. And for some reason there's nothing like Cheetos and a good book.