Saturday, February 20, 2021

Stephen King book news, Sad Life News, and Cat update.


Book News

I got to contribute to Dollar Baby: The Book by Anthony Northrup. This book not only goes behind the scenes about details previously unknown about independent films that King sold the rights to budding filmmakers for $1, but also about how King's dollar babies changed the landscape of filmmaking. There's also a big section where authors and other creators wrote essays on how King's work influenced them. I GOT TO CONTRIBUTE AN ESSAY! My essay is called "KING AND KISSING BOOKS: How Stephen King's work influenced a romance writer." I bet neither King nor most of his fandom expected something like that to happen, lol.

You can get a copy of Dollar Baby on Amazon.

Life News: My grandpa on my dad's side passed away two days ago. He was a really cool, but quiet guy. His dad founded Idaho's first tree farm, which turned 100 years old last summer. Grandpa inherited the farm and married my grandma fairly young. They built their own house on the land with their bare hands.

In addition to felling trees (in an ecologically responsible way), Grandpa and Grandma raised cattle and grew hay. They had his and hers tractors even. Some of my best memories are riding on the tractor with him, either pretending to drive it, or riding on the trailer full of hay bales that he'd drive across the property in winter, knocking off bales to feed the cows.

Today I cheered Grandma up by reminding her that before the Altzheimers got him, he used to make us amazing milkshakes.

Here's a nice pic of them before the Alzheimers.

And this is a pic of him cutting hay on his RED tractor. For the longest time, my grandma had a thing against tractors that weren't red, but she's softened her heart when she saw my day carry a big tree with his new John Deere.

I'm going to miss him a lot, but my heart hurts more for my dad and Grandma.


Phantom loves his sweater so much that he gets mad when we take it off to wash it. He discovered that I have a space heater under my desk, so he now prefers my lap.

But when my son had a fire going in the basement fireplace, he hung out on his desk.

My aunt gave us some stairs to put at the foot of Kent's super tall bed to make it easier for Phantom to get up there, but Shadowpaw commandeered them.

Shadopaw is having troubles of his own, with his respiratory issues giving him a cold every Spring. It got him early this year. He also has gingivitus, so my son's going to pay for him to see the pet dentist on the 2nd.

Chaos and Mayhem are healthy and well, though they're lazy.

My newsletter subscribers got an exclusive excerpt, but next week I'll post the first chapter here and on my website.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt!

Leaving the Shadows is live for Preorder on all e-tailers now. Right now only for e-book, but I may be able to get the paperback up for preorder if I finish early enough. 

You can preorder Leaving the Shadows on 

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and Google Books 

Also, if you're interested, I have a playlist for the book on Youtube. 

Virtual Hugs to you all!

-Brooklyn A.


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