Monday, June 20, 2011

Supernatural Dads

Father's Day was yesterday and I got to thinking about the role Dads play in the paranormal genre. From Alpha-overprotective werewolves to evil demons, they have an influence, no matter how subtle.

In my first few books none of my heroines wanted children and it wasn't really an issue because all of my vampires are sterile. But a friend recently read an earlier work of mine and pointed out that the hero's reaction to that situation was unclear. Reading her response made me realize part of me was clinging to an old belief of mine: That men never want to be fathers.

I've since recanted that opinion, but I was surprised to see remnants of it in my work...and it wasn't just that one. My heroines in my first few novels don't even have fathers. They're either dead, traveling salesmen, or the epitome of evil.

As I scratch my head and try to work that out, I think of all the good dads in my favorite genre. In Sherrilyn Kenyon's NIGHT PLAY, there's Bride McTierney's awesome dad ,who's not only a vet, but also a medic to the were-animals in town. In the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, there's Zsadist, who is just awwwwww with his new baby daughter, and there's Mercy's dad in Patricia Brigg's series...but I can't give that one away.

Really, that's all I can think of for preternatural dads. Do you guys know any more?


  1. Have you read Fated by Rebecca Zanetti? That's a great book. They address dad's and such... :)

    Great post!

  2. Did I read it? LOL, I got to attend the release party and get a signed copy. You're right, they cover dads a lot. If I'd had my morning caffeine, I would have remembered that. :)