Sunday, February 16, 2020

Three Urban Fantasy novels for 99 cents!

I'm excited to announce that I qualified for a Bookbub deal for books 4-6 of my Brides of Prophecy series. Since book one is free and book 2 was free to everyone who signed up for this newsletter (Please let me know if you didn't get the welcome email with the link to download your copy), and book 3 is $3.99.
Bookbub wrote up a cute blurb for this box set!
"Bass player Beau, scientist Lillian, and heavy metal drummer Aurora all have something in common: They can’t resist the dark side… Vampires, magic, and passion fill the pages of this seductive set of romances!"
It's only for a few days, so snag it fast!
It's discounted on: 

Other News:
OMG, you guys, a miracle happened. Remember how I'd said my deadline for HIS SCREAM QUEEN was Valentine's Day? Turns out I was mistaken. It's the 25th and I only have about 4 1/2 chapters to go, so I think I'm going to make it! ...That means I'll have more of a leg to stand on if I decide to send my publisher an email asking when they expect the cover to be done. 
As for my difficult Valentine's day, it turned out pretty good. Kent and I did our date the night before. We went to Red Lobster and OMG, my food was amazing, and then we saw Birds of Prey. SUCH A FUN MOVIE! I highly recommend it if you like cheesy fun.
In other good news, my two year anniversary of quitting smoking was yesterday and I got myself a good treat that should show up in the mail soon.
Now I'm off to work on finishing this book! 
Until next time, BIG HUGS! 
-Brooklyn A.

Series by Brooklyn Ann
B Mine
(Horror Romance)
HER HAUNTED HEART (October, 2019)
HIS SCREAM QUEEN (Spring, 2020)
Brides of Prophecy
(Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy) 
Also don't need to be read in order until book 5...kinda
Prequel: Tesemini (Free)
Hearts of Metal
(Contemporary Romance)
Standalones that intertwine

Scandals With Bite
(Regency paranormal romance)
Books do not need to be read in order