Thursday, July 11, 2019

Free Fantasy romance!

Right now, my fantasy romance, Conjuring Destiny, where the frontwoman of a heavy metal band meets a sexy sorcerer who tells her that she's the destined savior of his world.
It's a really weird book that was fun to write and reads as a standalone.
You can get it on 

In other news, I was interviewed by the horror site, Through the Black Hole. You can check it out HERE.
I'm hella flattered. They also left me an awesome review.
And if YOU'RE interested in reviewing His Final Girl, you can get it through Booksprout AND Reading Deals!
Life News: 
I said I'd get pics from the Santana concert, but I didn't get any good ones from the actual show, alas. But here's a shot of Mt. Rainier showing behind the stage and the tour shirt I bought.
It was an amazing show. I had no idea how many Doobie Brothers songs I knew and Santana was of course mindblowing. His wife did a drum solo that reminded me of Cozy Powell. I'm so glad Kent's and my friend surprised us with tickets.
But, I'm glad I'm done going to concerts for a couple months. My social anxiety has not been doing well with being around crowds. I am seeing Ghost in September, so that should be fun.
Now it's huckleberry season, so I'm going to be in the mountains a lot, getting my fingers purple. 
Also, I need to catch up on Her Haunted Heart. I'm a little behind on it, but should be able to meet my deadline that's in a month. 

Thank you so much for being my readers!
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