Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Resolutions

Because nothing say's "summer" like a hot, topless man. :)

Is everyone excited for summer? Together now ::HAPPY SIGH::: There's barbecues, swimming, fishing, barbecues and other fun in the sun. Summer has always been my favorite time of year. There is nothing more blissful than sipping hard cider under a balmy, star studded sky and conversing with long lost friends who've been hidden away all winter.

But...this year I almost dread it.

"WHAT?" you say?

That's right. Last summer was a train wreck of anxiety. Due to the kids being on break and constantly underfoot, and the frequent influx of unexpected company and what seemed like nightly barbecues, it was a struggle to get anything done, whether it be a blog post or a new chapter in the WIP.

I'm not liking this new hostility for what I consider the best three months of the year. So from now on, I'm going to make "resolutions" for this and every summer to come.

Here goes:

1.) I will try to get blog posts finished in advance.

2.) I will not dive too deep in a new project. Instead, I'll put primary focus on polishing existing ones.

3.) This summer will be mostly dedicated to reading: research, beta reading and reading for pleasure.

4.) I will take at least one day off each week to "be a normal human," abandon my laptop, and enjoy the season.

5.) When I can't write, edit, or research, I will not agonize. Instead I will continue to court my muse with daydreams.

Whew, that made me feel better already! How about you? What are your "summer resolutions?"


  1. Sounds like a plan! But when the scenes vividly blazing in your head and the words are flowing from your fingertips like a flooded river, it's hard to back away from the computer. So, I say good luck with that! Let me know how #'s 2 and 4 work out. :) Hope you have a great summer. --MM

  2. I like this plan! i might do the same!

  3. Yeah, when the scene's in my head, nothing will stop me from writing it. I meant more that I won't agonize over a lack of every day progress on a new project. I'm still going to be doing a little work on Xochitl's book. :)