Saturday, May 9, 2020

More review copies of my horror romance available and fun in the forest

There are still ARCS of HIS SCREAM QUEEN up on NetGalley AND Booksprout, if you're broke like me, but still want to read my latest B Mine book, you can request an ARC on either site.
And now there are ARCs available on Booksirens! 
I passed the halfway mark on Brides of Prophecy, Book 7: RECLAIMING THE MAGIC. Since it's a second chance romance that spans across almost three thousand years, it's been challenging. 
This one comes out in August. It's available for preorder.
I'm way behind on that deadline and better catch up so I can get the final B Mine book done in time.
I'm also still waiting on my Author copies of HIS SCREAM queen and intending to have my publisher order more copies of the first two books so I can have signed books to sell.

Kent and I went to my family's farm and played with my dad's goats and ended up with the biggest morel score we've ever gotten.
We managed to fill up our bags TWICE in two days of hiking and got almost five pounds of morels.
The first thing we did was make a stuffed leg of lamb from the Julia Child cookbook. It's a two day process and such a pain, but soooo worth it. We only make it once a year and only with fresh morels. 
Then I made two gallons of morel soup, we had a nice meal with it last night and froze the rest to use as sauce for pastas or to eat as soup on a cold winter night.
After all that hiking and cooking, I need to play catch up with writing. Also deciding which book I can put on sale next.
In the meantime,
Virtual Hugs to you all!
-Brooklyn A.

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Brides of Prophecy
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