Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Recap

Despite all the depressing deaths and sad things that happened around the world and in my country, 2016 was my most successful year ever. I had FIVE book releases this year, finished writing my 12th novel, (well 13, if my holiday novella counts) and made three times as much money on book sales as last year. Sadly, those high sales dwindled at the last two months of the year, but hopefully I can fix that.

Anyway, a ton of awesomeness occurred and I'm breaking it down month by month.


A ton of writing
I kicked off the year with guns blazing, ready to write more than I’ve written before. I hope to surpass my word count in 2017 though.

Got addicted to tea (this is important for later)
OMG, loose leaf tea is the greatest thing ever. I discovered this when I got this amazing skull tea infuser and Iron Goddess tea for Christmas

Lots of editing. Not only do I have my own stuff to edit, I also do freelance editing work for other authors. I had a website, but I took it down and I’m now on a referral basis only.

Registered for RWA after having a weird premonition.
I couldn’t sleep one night and had an insane urge to go to the RWA 2016 National Conference. After speaking with my agent about it, I registered, found a roommate, and booked a flight.


Made a bunch of fun teaser graphics for my first two Hearts of Metal books.

Accidentally quit drinking

With all of my editing and writing and other stuff going on, I kept holding off on drinking my beloved hard cider because I didn’t have time to be hung over the next day. I drank tea instead. By July, I realized I hadn’t had a drink since January.

Did a Valentine’s Day signing at Barnes & Noble

It was probably my least successful signing ever, and because of it being the anniversary of my mom’s passing, my anxiety and depression were sky high. Still, it was nice visiting with my RWA peeps and meeting Linda Lael Miller.

Finished His Ruthless Bite

Despite said anxiety and depression, I pulled through and finished the book!


Got a sewing machine

This was part of my New Year’s resolution for 2016. I let it sit around for a week or two because I was terrified.

Made a lot of pillowcases

Eventually, I gathered my courage and figured out the basics. I still can’t sew in a straight line though.

Took my son to his first caucus so he could learn about the process.

It was fun to see him learn, but we both hate crowds and people, so I’ll probably do early voting from now on.

Nominated for Reader’s Choice Award

Holy wow! The Romance Reviews nominated Kissing Vicious for the Reader’s Choice Award! It’s my first nomination ever and I was over the moon.

The Romance Review

Got a lot of Morels
Morels are my passion. We made a lot of yummy dishes too.

Started my Horror Quilt

My reason for wanting to learn how to sew is because we’ve always made quilts in my family. But when I made quilts, I only painted the squares and my mom or grandma would do the sewing. My mom is no longer with me, and I won’t always have my grandma, so I was determined to learn how to do the whole quilting process myself. Thankfully, the first step is painting. The squares I painted for this quilt were the most detailed I’d ever done. I didn’t even know I could do this with these paints.

Here's Part One and Two of my Tutorial. I still need to do parts 3 & 4.

Yes! My first book release of 2016! My publisher had discontinued the series, but my readers wanted more and I did not disappoint them.


Won Reader’s Choice Award
OMG, I WON!!! My first award ever, and I hope it’s not the last.

Finished Unleashing Desire

Another book done! This one had been in my head for years and the writing went so smoothly!

Released With Vengeance

Back to back book releases were hectic, but my second Hearts of Metal book was a success. This one was very special to me.
I also made a graphic with all the fun Easter Eggs I put in the book.

And I painted more quilt squares.


Revised the cover of Wrenching Fate
My first indie cover needed an overhaul. I made the font more legible, improved Silas’s hair, and added Akasha’s gorgeous ‘73 Roadrunner in the background.

More painting on quilt squares, which resulted in a celebrity autograph!
My frenzy of painting led to something amazing. Sean Whalen, who played “Roach” in People Under the Stairs signed my quilt square!!! Squeeee!!!

Redesigned author logo

Oh, and more writing.


Got new glasses for the first time in 8 years.

They have really great transition lenses, as you can see.

Went to RWA National Conference

The conference was amazing. You can read my my recaps. Part 1 and Part 2.

Picked Huckleberries

I live in Northern Idaho. This is what we do.

Went to Grateful Dead
Even though I was sick with the worst summer cold ever, my boyfriend had tickets to see the Grateful Dead at the Gorge. I spent the day laying in the sun with a book before seeing an amazing show.

More painting.


I’d been looking forward to releasing this one for awhile. The twins in Ironic Sacrifice reunite, and Silas and Akasha from Wrenching Fate get the biggest bombshell dropped on them.

Got my first Bookbub.

This was the best thing to happen to my career. Thousands of new readers discovered me and I sold enough books to be able to afford to go to the RT Convention this 2017 in Atlanta. Without the Bookbub, I would have had zero hopes in going.

Got my 10 Published Novels milestone pin from RWA

Ten Published Novels. Whoa. Though I had two more releases over the year.

I turned 34
Okay, moving on...


Got to have dinner with a fan.

One of my readers, who I’d first met at The Novel Experience Convention in 2015, Rebecca Larsen had family in my neck of the woods, so we went out to Dockside for a nice lakeview dinner. Since she’s from southern Idaho, she gave me a 50 pound box of Idaho potatoes! Since I’m in huckleberry country, I don’t get these glorious spuds very often.

Released Rock God

Another back to back book release. I really don’t want to do that this year. But I was so pleased at how well this one was received!

Finished painting quilt squares.
I even arranged them on the wall to see how I wanted to sew them.

Started sewing the Horror Quilt.

::gulp:: This was terrifying, but I was so elated when I finished the first row!!!


I didn't get to indulge in my usual Halloween joy, but I guess I did in a way because I finished my horror quilt!!!

I also painted a Vincent Price pumpkin at the day job

Carved a fake pumpkin... one of those "Funkin" things. It was challenging, but I want to get another one.

But I had to carve a real one too. So I did the Tall Man from the Phantasm movies in Memory of Angus Scrimm, who passed away the day before David Bowie and is not mentioned in most of the lists of lost celebrities.

Started designing the cover for Wynter’s Bite

Check out my cool asylum background that will mostly be obscured in the final cover!

Designed my own website:

Be sure to check it out at

Became a bestseller in Australia and Canada



Worked on Wynter’s Bite for Nano

I was sick almost all month so I have no idea how I pulled it off.

Finished cover design for Wynter’s Bite

And it's available for Preorder!!!

Decided not to quit day job because I needed a new car.

My poor beloved Toyota was falling apart, so I went shopping around.
Oh, Maneke Neko, you will be missed.

Started another part time job.
Because I wasn't busy enough.


Finished Wynter’s Bite!!!

I am so excited about this one! A rogue vampire breaks his long lost love out of an insane asylum. So much fun!

Did I mention that it's up for Pre-order?

Did 2 scratch boards for Christmas gifts

Here's the LDS temple for my Grandparents on my mom's side.

And here's a hummingbird for my grandparents on my dad's side.

Metal and Mistletoe released!

If you're not over Christmas, you can check out my interacial death metal holiday romance!

Bought a new car!

After ten years and almost 300000 miles on my Paseo, I finally got my dream car! A 2007 Honda Fit! One of my goals is to paint it purple. I named her "Murasaki" which means purple. :D

Whew! It took me all day to put together this post and I only covered a fraction of what happened. And if everything goes to plan, 2017 will be even more insane.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Due to a mixup, TWO of my books are FREE this weekend!


I had booked a promotion with Kindle Nation Daily to feature Unleashing Desire free for New Year's Weekend.

But for some reason, I'd written the wrong title in my calendar and put HIS RUTHLESS BITE up for free instead.

You can snag HIS RUTHLESS BITE here:

I Did manage to fix the price of Unleashing Desire to Free, but Alas, it was too late, since the promo newsletter had already gone out. This mistake cost me over a hundred bucks.
But since I didn't have time to do any freebies or fun things for Christmas for my wonderful readers, giving you all two free books still sounds like fun, so I'm making the most of it!

Google Play

I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year! 

I'm posting my most epic year end recap ever tomorrow!