Friday, July 22, 2016

RWA recap Part 2

Aand here's a summary of the last two days of the conference!


More workshops and seeing awesome people. Bonus: I got to hang out with Beverly Jenkins in the smoking area and didn't embarrass myself fan-girling.

I also had dinner with my Boroughs editor and aside from my release schedule, we talked a lot about Game of Thrones.

But the real highlight of the day was that both of my publishers had their parties back to back. Okay, technically their dinners were at the same time, but luckily Boroughs had a fun meet and greet. They had me come in early because they're making a video about us authors, so I experienced my first time in front of a camera. I'll share the video when they finish it.

Me with Editor Chris Keeslar and publisher Michelle

Me with Nikki Prince and Deena Remiel

Me with Christine Ashworth

Me with Emily Mims

I got to socialize with everyone and get pics with my fellow authors as well as my editor and publisher before I had to go to the Sourcebooks dinner.

The Sourcebooks dinner. OMG.

First we met in the lobby and I had to take a picture of Shana Galen looking FABULOUS! She's so elegant, I'm so envious.

Deb Werksman cheering us on!

 Then we took a shuttle to Coronodo where we went to this amazing restaurant called Il Fornaio, where we were treated to a 6 course meal of decadence. The calamari, holy sh*t! They gifted us with monogrammed shawls, except for M. L. Buchman, he got a tie. And there were fireworks and I got to sit with Theresa Romain, Shana Galen, Amy SandasAmanda Forester, and Caridad Pineiro! It was all so elegant and awesome and I felt so spoiled!


First up was the Sourcebooks signing. Holy wow! It was the most successful signing I've ever been a part of. I had people lining up to get copies and I also scored a ton of books from my fellow Sourcebooks authors.

I did make it to another workshop, but I skipped a ton to talk with authors I admired. M.L. Buchman eased my guilt about this by pointing out that much of a convention takes place in the halls. And he was right because I learned a lot and made new friends.

The evening was dedicated to the RITA ceremony. This is like the OSCARS for romance authors. I sat with some Boroughs authors and others and made even more friends.

As I told my boyfriend, the RITA is even bigger than the Oscar. It's a big gold lady with a book on a huge base and it's really shiny and... I WANT ONE! 

Maybe some day. :D

Apparently there were a ton of fun parties afterwards, but Terry and I had to go to bed early to catch our planes.


After getting up at the crack of dawn, Terry's friend took us to the airport.

Now it's time for me to act like a giddy little kid. This is only the second time in my adult life that I've flown. Last time I didn't get a window seat, but this time I did and took some pics.

Holy wow, we're on top of the clouds!

Over the mountains!


Over Portland

Over mountains above clouds!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

RWA recap, part one!

Sorry for the delay on this post. Aside from getting ARCS ready for UNLEASHING DESIRE, I caught con crud and feel like I'm dying. 

Holy wow, you guys. My mind is still spinning from the RWA 2016 National convention. This year it took place in San Deigo, so not only was it my first RWA, but it was also my first time in California. Pretty nice state.


Right when I arrived at the hotel, I had an embarrassing moment where I thought my roommate, Terry Spear, had booked the room under her real name. No, her real name is Terry Spear. I was just at the wrong hotel. I'm still blushing because I talked to a ton of people before I figured this out.

Then one of the guys at the Mariott hotel told me it was too far to walk to the Embassy. HE LIED. It was only 3 blocks down the street. Not only that, but my cab driver got lost, almost got us killed from checking the GPS on his phone, and overcharged me. Ass.

But once I got to the right place, Terry was an angel about me fan-girling all over her and we got to dish about industry gossip before getting ready for the literacy signing.

That signing was incredible! And I guess we raised over $10,000! People came and saw me and took pictures, making me feel like I was all famous n'stuff. :D

I also ended up with the coolest seatmate, author Jackie Ashenden. Her New Zealand accent made me feel more welcome since my aunt is from there and she shared her delicious NZ candy!

After the signing, I met up with one of my Facebook groups, "Binders Full of Women Romance Writers" and had a drink with them by the pool. They were a lot of fun and we made other plans.

Then I wandered back to my hotel, where I discovered that the bar there had Angry Orchard in PINTS!! (Insert Hobbit Voice here)

There was a nice enclosed outdoor smoking area which was surprisingly deserted, which was nice because I needed quiet before bed.


Early in the morning (okay, 9:30) I met with my fabulous agent. Then I met with a few Binders and attended the Key Note Luncheon, where Beverly Jenkins was the speaker. That woman is amazing. I just started reading her book, Night Hawk, and I love it.

This was us waiting in line to see her.

After lunch, I went to some workshops. Holy wow, Barbara Vey is AWESOME! It is my new goal in life to attend her Reader's Appreciation Luncheon.

I also got to socialize with Carolyn Brown and Grace Burrowes! Fangirl squeal!!  

Afterwards, I walked down to Ralph's for Red Bull and hard cider, because Thursday was party night. Since my schedule didn't match up with anyone, I got dinner at the store and sat outside and ate with a homeless veteran. He reminded me of my drinking buddies at the Powder River Saloon.

Afterward, I caught up with Terry and we went to a room party hosted by the Binders. The view from their room was killer. 

After that we went to the Harlequin Pajama Party and made a new friend in Librarian Frannie. She was awesome.

Then I hung out by the pool and made a new Canadian friend, Author Trish Loye Elliott. (Later I accidentally called her an Aussie friend because I was talking to Aussies earlier, lol)

Then I stumbled into bed way too late.

Check out Part 2!!


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Today only! Conjuring Destiny is FREE!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but I promise I have oodles of book and quilting updates coming forth in a couple days. But for now I just want to spread the word that my Fantasy Romance, Conjuring Destiny is free!

Grab it now and find out what happens when a rock star finds her destiny with a sexy sorcerer!

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