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Last 3 Hearts of Metal e-books live!

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 The new editions of the last 3 Hearts of Metal books are live! 

First up is the new edition of Forbidden Song!

He was everything she was told to stay away from.


Christine Mayne is determined to get out from under her controlling brother’s thumb. To do so, she plans to earn her PhD from studying group dynamics in heavy metal bands, and then become a band therapist. The problem is that Quinn Mayne, has barred her from the metal world because of a traumatic event in her past.

The opportunity to study a band comes when Cliff Tracey, lead singer of Bleeding Vengeance doesn’t recognize her. Christine tricks him into smuggling her onto the bus to accompany the band on their tour. When he discovers her deception, he’s furious. Christine tells herself that her efforts to talk to him are for her research and not because she’s drawn to his sensual presence.


Cliff Tracey is going through an existential crisis. Suddenly having a different one-night-stand after every gig has lost its appeal. He’s ready to get rid of his man-whore label and try getting to know a woman. When black-haired, green-eyed bombshell Christine asks him if she can accompany his band on tour for her research, he thinks the perfect opportunity has fallen into his lap—until he finds out that she’s Quinn Mayne’s off-limits little sister.

Despite his efforts to keep her at arm’s length, Cliff finds himself unable to stay away from Christine. But he has to, because if he gives in to temptation, he’ll cause the biggest rift in metal history.

Here's the link for Forbidden Song:

And then there's Tempting Beat:

When ER nurse Gwen Mason falls for metal drummer, Roderick Powell, her plans for a lifetime alone with her cats are thwarted.


Roderick Powell, drummer of Bleeding Vengeance, is delighted to have left LA and move into a beautiful new home in a Denver suburb. But as he sees all of his bandmates’ happiness after finding love, he wonders if having a place of his own is enough. When he meets the hot nurse next door, Rod is smitten. She gives him the brush-off, but he’s determined to woo her.


Twice divorced and working brutal hours as an ER nurse, Gwen Mason resigned to a life alone with her four cats. When a sexy rock star moves next door, it takes all of her willpower to resist the younger man’s charms. Her resolve is shattered when trouble with the city council throws her and Rod together. One night in his arms, and she’s in danger of losing her heart.

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And here's book 7, Heart Throb

And last, but not least, book 7, Heart Throb:


Bassist Brand and filmmaker Lexi have both suffered traumatic pasts, but together, they can heal and have a happy future


Brand Kife, bassist for heavy metal band, Viciöus, is known in the metal world as “the man who never smiles.” He has even less reason to smile when he learns that his band’s tour is going to be disrupted by beautiful filmmaker, Lexi Adams, who’s making a documentary about Viciöus. Brand has secrets that Lexi can’t learn.


Former child beauty pageant winner, Lexi Adams resists her mother's pressuring her to become a model and is instead determined to be a successful filmmaker. She’s thrilled to film a documentary on one of her favorite metal bands, but Brand Kife is making her work difficult. First by being uncooperative in interviews, then by distracting her with his sinful good looks and aura of mystery. When they give into temptation, Lexi wants to learn about Brand’s traumatic past, but first, she will have to trust him with her own.

For an excerpt and buy links, go HERE!

Other Book News:

The new edition paperbacks of Forbidden Song, Tempting Beat, and Heart Throb should be available later this week.

And I'm working on a Brides of Prophecy spin-off book that still needs a title, both for the book and for the spin-off series.

This book is the story of Tiana and Rayven Niltsiar. If you haven't read Reclaiming the Magic, then the mystery of Tiana's identity remains intact. But if you have, this should still be a fun story. My newsletter readers got an early sneak peek at an excerpt, which I will post here next week.

Until next time, thanks for being one of my readers!

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