Monday, March 7, 2011

Serial Stories, do or don't?

Hi, guys! I'm still fighting this damn head cold, but at least I'm back in action. I'm ready for a rousing discussion, if you are willing to indulge me.

A lot of people have serial stories on their blogs. Some of my friends do. With one, I never read her serials, but I'm first in line to get em once they're in book form. As a reader, I never read them because A.) I hate reading on a screen and won't do it more than I have to and B.) Because I read so fast that snippets just irritate me. I want the whole thing.

As a writer, I do not write them because A.) It's hard to tell when you post a piece of writing whether or not you posted enough for it to be legally considered "Self Published." This isn't an issue for my self published friends. B.) I never know whether the story will "die" or not. A few have then what, you guys are left hanging? C.) I edit and revise after each draft is written and I don't want the public to see my unrefined crap and typos.

However, that's only my perspective on the issue. I want to know what you guys think. Are there any serial stories on line that have you hooked? Do you write them? If so, why? And if you are in the anti-serial camp, what puts you there?


  1. I think it's up to the author. You make valid points. I enjoy serials and look forward to the next post. I have one author I follow regularly. I think it does help to spread your name and gather a following, but it has its down side as well. I've also known some that complete their story, edit, do rewrites, etc. and then post in a serial form, once a day or once a week. Really, I say its the authors choice.
    Personally, I'm still waiting on your next email. LOL Have a good day. Millie

  2. Awww, so touched! I gotta see if I even have anything else ready to be read. Thanks for sharing your opinions!

  3. I love my serials - for so many reasons it could take up several blog posts. But I think first and foremost an author needs to know that if he/she is going for a traditional contract, serial novels are not even really an option. Traditional publishers want first rights, and while there are notable exceptions, I think it's probably safer to just say "no".

    Ironically, the reason I started my first serial was because I knew if I put it on my blog, it couldn't be trad. published, and it took the pressure I was feeling off. It freed me to "just write" again...and started my spiral into the self-pub pool. ;-)

    The waiting between installments *is* killer for the reader though...I certainly don't blame anyone who doesn't have the patience for that. My regular readers are hugely motivating though (as is the regular deadline), and I wouldn't give that up for the world.

  4. I've done some snippets to get some story ideas out there to see if there is an interest out there for the readers and to see if they can help me with some tweaking.

    To each his own. I enjoy reading others work. I get an idea of who they are and what they write and it makes me want to support them even more. Everyone has their own way.

  5. Thanks all! I'm loving the varying opinions here!