Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Starting to Feel Like a Real Writer!

Those of you that have been following me on Twitter and Facebook have seen that I've been on a major workaholic frenzy with my latest project, breaking 1K a day almost every day. I've even been taking my laptop to the bar on my Friday night out and writing between dart games.

When I'm not writing, the story continues to spin in my head. And this story has been doing some interesting things. My characters are realizing things about themselves before I do. And though this story isn't part of my main series, it's showing me things about those novels.

I owe a lot of this new inspiration and progress to my awesome crit partners, Jamie De Bree, Erica Chapman, Shelley Martin and Millie Mclain. Their comments and feedback have helped my stories grow into tangible dreams. Shelley even did a blog post not so subtly urging me to deal with a certain subplot from the first book in my series. The way I'd imagined it would have gone a lot easier, but her way will make my characters freak, which is more fun for the reader. Thanks, Shelley.

So what's been going on in your writing journey?


  1. Aw, well you are beyond awesome! And you have helped me more times than I can say. So glad to hear the story is brewing ;o)

  2. I'm glad to hear you're finally getting into the crazy query game! I think your story is a winner!

  3. I LOVE that picture. I so want a pair of those!!

    What's been going on in my writing journey lately? I'm editing my latest novel, Portal to Aeon. My other novel, Wasteland, was recently contracted by Crescent Moon Press. I got assigned my editor so I'm awaiting revisions. :)

    I love this journey. It's so fun, scary, frustrating, .... :)

  4. YAY, Lynn! You stil need to share the details on your awesome deal here, y'know. ;)

  5. Good job being dedicated, that's inspiring. I love it when I get on a motivational story-writing spree! Good luck. :)

  6. That picture is hilarious! I just spit out my diet coke. It's my last one, too.

    Great blog--exciting times!