Saturday, May 28, 2022

More free books, and a snippet of To Tempt a Sorcerer!

Hey everyone! I'm participating in the Bad Boy Rockstars free promo, offering up a free E-copy of Forbidden Song, my angstiest rock star romance. This promo is a newsletter subscribe one, but if you're already subscribed, I think you can just go HERE to claim the free book. If it doesn't work like that, just reply to the newsletter I sent out today and I'll hook you up. 

 You also have a couple more days to grab a free copy of my fantasy romance, Conjuring Destiny, in the May's Magical Book Fair. This one doesn't require a signup, so GRAB THOSE FREEBIES!

Other news:

I'm almost done with To Tempt A Sorcerer. This story is going to be so fun! 

Here's a cute snippet I wrote:

“Delgarias commanded all high sorcerers without apprentices to take one so that more high-level mages will be better prepared for the war. Surely he told you about that so you both could gloat together.”

“Well, I thank you for your sacrifice.” Zareth smirked. He’d definitely heard about Delgarias’s command. “I’d still like to meet her.”

Panic fluttered in Rayven’s gut. There was no way that the half faelin sorcerer wouldn’t sense Tiana’s luminite blood. No way he wouldn’t tell Xochitl and Kerainne Leonine. And then they’d all assume the worst of him. As people always did.

Your wanting her to increase your power isn’t exactly noble, a strange voice spoke up in his mind.

Rayven coughed. “She’s busy with her studies.”

Zareth laughed, low and sinister. “You know something interesting? For all our centuries of enmity, you’ve never directly lied to me before. You’re here because the girl found a way to sneak to Earth, aren’t you? That’s why you have all these questions about disobedient apprentices and appropriate punishments.” When Rayven remained frozen and didn’t reply, Zareth shook his head and stood. “Never mind. I can laugh at your predicament later. I need to head back to my wife before Bleeding Vengeance begins playing. I’ll meet your apprentice another time. You can’t hide her forever.”

Can’t hide her forever. The same words the Duchess of Kinsen had thrown at him, only far less teasing coming from the King.

Still, Rayven sighed in relief when Zareth vanished from his side. He wasn’t ready to let anyone know that he had a half-luminite in his care. The power he hoped to get from their arrangement was now secondary. He didn’t want to lose her.

As you can see, this isn't only a Brides of Prophecy spinoff, but there are also some Hearts of Metal connections. 

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