Thursday, May 5, 2022

Free books and fun giveaways!

Hey everyone!

I signed up for the Splash into a Series giveaway and, there are A TON of free books available and some Amazon gift cards for grabs! Go HERE! 

In other book news, Rock God and three other Hearts of Metal books lost their reviews on Amazon when the new paperbacks were linked to the E-books.

So I'm offering Rock God over at Book Sirens in hopes of getting some reviews.

Link is HERE:

If you've read  Rock God, Forbidden Song, Tempting Beat, or Heart Throb before, please leave a review on Amazon, B&N, Bookbub, Kobo, Google Play, or Apple books. The reviews don't have to be long. Simply an "I liked it" or "It was okay" will be fine. Hell, even an "It wasn't for me" works. 

If you previously reviewed it on Goodreads or any other non-amazon site, you can just copy-paste that review into Amazon and any other place that allows it.


Spring is always my time to work on my car and hunt for morel mushrooms.

The car repairs are more extensive this year because, aside from switching out my tires and doing the yearly oil change and air filter change, my passenger side window motor died. I finally got a new assembly ordered. Then, someone smashed my rear driver's side mirror! The replacement arrived today, and it was for the wrong side! 

So I found another one, but it's on the opposite side of the country, so it's going to take FOREVER to get here. But at least I got all the broken glass out of the door.

In happier news, Kent and Micah and I got 4 pounds of morels yesterday at my grandma's tree farm! 

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