Saturday, December 17, 2016

New Release alert! Metal and Mistletoe (Hearts of Metal Book 4)

Merry Christmas!
My Hearts of Metal Holiday novella, Metal And Mistletoe is now available. You guys have no idea how close I was to NOT writing it. I'm not that big on Christmas stories. However, three things motivated me.
1.) I always felt bad leaving Curt in limbo when he checked into rehab in Kissing Vicious. I didn't want to just leave him as a constantly relapsing addict. I wanted a happy ending for him.

2.) My mom was a Christmas nut and I always try to pay tribute to her.

3.) I always wanted to write an interracial romance. We need more POC characters.
So all this was a perfect opportunity and so I went for it.
Here's the blurb:
Fighting the darkness of their pasts, talented heavy metal musicians Curtis Scrimm and Dezra Hopkins seek holiday solitude but find each other.


Curtis Scrimm and Dezra Hopkins have lived both the highs and the lows of life—literally. They’ve both known the joy of performing to hordes of screaming fans and the horror of betraying all that they love and admire. They’ve both just gotten out of rehab.

But things are always darkest before the dawn, and with this Christmas comes redemption. It arrives in an unlikely place, in the solitary and deadly beauty of Yellowstone Park. It comes in the form of desperation and unquenchable desire, though things are never so black and white. The spark is a good bass line, the hottest lick from an electric guitar, and a primalistic roar like a furious lioness, and it will ignite an inferno of inspiration that both had been seeking. But that flame needs to be fanned. Curt and Dezra can nurture it with each other. Then they’ll need to find enough trust to make it burn forever.
You can get it HERE on Amazon.
And it should be available at all other vendors by tomorrow.
Other News:
I also completed the first draft of WYNTER'S BITE, (Scandals With Bite, Book 5) And am working on revising it before I send it off to critique partners. 
It comes out February 14th and is available for Preorder!
And more News:
On a sad note, my boyfriend's dad had a stroke. On the bright side, he's not as bad off as some and seems to be recovering quickly. On the bad side, he still has a lot of recovery to do, so my sweetie has had to fly down south to take care of his businesses. I hope he'll be home for Christmas.
I'm worried sick about him and his dad. His dad is a great man and I hope he'll be back to himself soon. My heart is aching for my boyfriend. I can't stand to see him in pain.
In Happy News:
It's a 2007 Honda Fit Sport. 10 years ago, when I worked a Honda mechanic, the moment I first sat in the '07 Honda Fit, I sighed in pleasure and thought, "This is a Brooklyn car." Seriously, you guys have no idea how hard it is for a little person like me to find a car that fits me.

Then I'd daydream about the day I'd be a best selling author and walk into that dealership and buy a new Fit.

I'm not anywhere close to best selling enough for a brand new one (I don't like the way they squished the front end on the new ones anyway), and I didn't get a purple one, but still, my dream actually came true.
Needless to say, I'm pretty excited, even though this means I will no longer be quitting the day job at the end of the month as I'd originally planned since now I need to pay off the car and probably do some repairs since she's used. And I REAAAALLLLY want to paint her purple... with blue ghost flames.
Anyway, I hope you pick up Metal and Mistletoe and enjoy it! I also hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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