Friday, December 30, 2016

Due to a mixup, TWO of my books are FREE this weekend!


I had booked a promotion with Kindle Nation Daily to feature Unleashing Desire free for New Year's Weekend.

But for some reason, I'd written the wrong title in my calendar and put HIS RUTHLESS BITE up for free instead.

You can snag HIS RUTHLESS BITE here:

I Did manage to fix the price of Unleashing Desire to Free, but Alas, it was too late, since the promo newsletter had already gone out. This mistake cost me over a hundred bucks.
But since I didn't have time to do any freebies or fun things for Christmas for my wonderful readers, giving you all two free books still sounds like fun, so I'm making the most of it!

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I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year! 

I'm posting my most epic year end recap ever tomorrow!  

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