Sunday, November 27, 2016

Cover reveal for Wynter's Bite!

I'm excited to show off the cover for Wynter's Bite! It will release on Valentine's Day. 
Here's the blurb:
Eight years ago, vampire Justus de Wynter fell in love with bluestocking, Bethany Mead, and suffered the consequences. He was sentenced to exile as a rogue vampire, and she was imprisoned in a mental institution.

After years of searching, and dodging patrolling vampires, Justus has finally found his love. But even after he breaks Bethany out of the asylum, the challenges that face them have only begun. For Justus is still a rogue, with no territory to grant them safety, and Bethany is a fugitive.

As they flee across the English countryside in search of refuge, Bethany and Justus must overcome the challenges of their past and find out if love is possible on the run.
You can Preorder Wynter's Bite on:
Why a Valentine's Day release? Valentine's Day is a tough day for me because that's when my mom passed away. I used to spend the day huddled in a ball of misery. But eventually I realized that mom wouldn't like that, so I released my first Indie novel, WRENCHING FATE on Valentine's Day and it changed my life and outlook on grief.
So it's about time for another Valentine's release. :D
Oh and for an extra treat, UNLEASHING DESIRE, Brides of Prophecy, Book 4, is Free this weekend!

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