Tuesday, October 7, 2014


So the 2nd installment of the "Brides of Prophecy" series releases October 10th. So excited!!! My budget is too low to do any big events at that time, however I will be throwing a kick-ass party on Facebook chock full of guest authors and giveaways. And because it's October, the party will be Halloween themed and you are ALL INVITED!!

Here's a list of attending authors by theme.

Vampires: Brooklyn Ann
Werewolves: Trina M. Lee
Witches: Ashlyn Chase
Demons: Sara Humphreys
Zombies: Bonnie Paulson
Shifters & Demons: Alisha Payne
Fairies: Shona Husk
Gory Horror: Alex S. Johnson
Horror Comedy: Jeff Ö'Brien

The party will take place 5pm to 8pm Pacific time this Friday on Facebook. Here's the event link.

Not on Facebook? Don't worry. There's still something in it for you. Book one, WRENCHING FATE, will be FREE today until next Tuesday! 

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