Saturday, October 11, 2014

Happy Book Birthday to Ironic Sacrifice!!!

I am so excited to announce the release of book 2 in my Brides of Prophecy series, IRONIC SACRIFICE.
Wrenching Fate left off with Akasha and Silas happily married but trouble encroached on their wedded bliss when their old enemy, a psychotic leader of a vampire cult, takes over the town next door.

This is Razvan's book. :)
Here's the pretty cover I made!

And here's the blurb.

"Jayden Leigh wants to commit suicide. Her clairvoyant powers have become so intense that she lost her job and home. Death is the only way to make them stop. Opportunity presents itself when she comes across a sinfully handsome vampire ready to make a kill. Jayden begs for him to take her instead. A blissful death in his arms, or the visions ravaging her mind? She'd gladly take the vampire. 

Razvan Nicolae is captivated and amused by the beautiful seeress who sacrifices herself for a stranger. Killing such a pleasing asset doesn’t interest him. If he could get her powers under control, she just might be the key to finding his missing twin. 

Controlling her visions and working for a seductive vampire? Razvan’s offer is like a dream come true. But her dream turns into a nightmare when a mad vampire cult leader seeks to exploit Jayden’s powers to stop an ancient prophecy. 

As Jayden finds herself at the center of a vampire war, she realizes that the biggest threat isn’t losing her life, it’s losing her heart." 
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And to celebrate the special occasion, book 1, WRENCHING FATE is FREE for the entire week!

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