Thursday, November 14, 2013

CONTEST: Weird Sh*T Found in a Writer's Desk Drawer.

Okay, I've cleaned my desk out approximately 5 times in the 10 years I've had it. Today I opened a drawer for my cat to step on instead of my laptop (I'm training him) and I noticed more than a few oddities languishing inside.

Here's my at-a-glance inventory:

A Rose Rock from Oklahoma that my Aunt and Uncle gave me when I was 10.

2 industrial files (for metal, not fingernails)

The "N" portion of a 75 Chevy Nova logo

A Pen that resembles a bone.

A multitude of business cards

Miscellaneous nuts, screws, and bolts.

Feeler gauges

Tacky glue

Sega Genesis Booklets for Sonic The Hedgehog and Mortal Kombat II

A Maneke Neko (Japanese Lucky Cat) Chopstick Rest

CD Scratch Remover

A Wrench painted like a Christmas Ornament.

Sewing needles (I can't sew)



A cigarette case

A bag clip

A steel... marble?

A knife

Misc office supplies and business cards.

This makes me curious about what other writers have in their desk drawers.

And now I want to run a contest.

For the chance to win a $35 Barnes & Noble gift card, open a random desk drawer and tell me what's inside. I'll assign some judges and announce a winner on Monday.   


  1. My desk drawer: dildos, butt plugs, metal ruler, tape measurement, batteries, charger cords, lube packets, gloves, lint roller, some old doctor's bills, Victoria's Secret statements, grocery coupons. My blog's binder bible, Hello Kitty band aids, and some external hard drives. :)

    Hey, you asked. :)

  2. 4 chargers 2 bottles of essential oil, Grandma's secret spot remover, book light, think geek Timmy sticker, safety pins, Pamprin, glass cleaner, leather hair tie, i pod, contacts case and solution, lint roller, pictures, spare cellphone batteries, screw, bubbles, holy oil, jewelry in a small box, ring, Flash drive x2, Nail clippers, hair clip, money, recites and a business card..... i think i need to clean that out a bit and organize..... *sigh*

  3. I don't have desk drawers but scattered on my desk I have medical syringes, insulin, myriad other drugs, nail clippers, lotto tickets, little plastic minions, at least 4 rolls of packing tape and a roll of duct tape, two Hello Kitty stuffed critters, a rainbow colored sock monkey, bills, lists, receipts, tweezers, an emery board, money for the lawn dude, an orange box cutter, essential oils in several scents, a dead Gateway and monitor that I just can make myself get rid of(It has Windows ME on it if that tells you how old it is), my laptop that I actually use, old birthday and Christmas cards, my only completed novel that is in dire need of editing, address labels, medical records, information for a colonoscopy prep and well my dear Brooklyn, that is just the beginning. There is so much more that I can't begin to inventory it all and my desk is really rather small.

    Oh, two last additions a coffee cup with the Tabasco logo and a dead computer mouse that has been sitting there for a few years. We won't discuss the dust.



  4. Wow! I am feeling solidarity in the randomness here! Maybe it's a writer thing? My judges are going to have fun with this. I'm going to make sure to pick non-writers.

  5. In my top desk drawer I have: about 100 pens, 3 dried up highlighters, 2 dried up glue sticks, a NoNo hair remover kit, an old cell phone from who knows when, a deck of Tantric Sex cards, a roll of postcards stamps from the 1980's, a box shaped like a turtle, a cock ring in an unopened packet, random coins, tons of paper clips, a check book from a bank account that has been closed for over 5 years, a calendar from 2009, 19 different colors of sticky notes and a ruler that says "Hot Doms and Playful subs." I think I need to!

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  7. The usual pens, paper clips, key chains. Also lighter, horse show nails, glitter, fishing bobbers, cat toy balls, fencing nails, chap stick, tractor pin, pin that says grandmas rock ( not sure about it, I'm not a grandma yet), Avon lotion, post its, a lighter shaped like a gun! Also snag of horse hair to make a necklace out of one day. That's just one drawer I have 2 more junk drawers.

  8. Do not have a desk drawer.. well I do have a compartment down below and I have D&D books, wacom, external harddrive, glass candles, Christmas gifts hidden in there. LOL

    But on the disc.. Oh that's fun: earbuds, iphone charger, kindle charger, chopsticks, baby powder, muscle rub, bills, my box full of tarots, triple antibotic cream, thread, poison ivy paste, dog shaped stapler, mail that needs to be mailed out, lighter, brush, son's sunglasses.

  9. I decided to open my 'junk' drawer because it hasn't been cleaned out in about 2 years. lol Paper clips, batteries, pens, fast food menus, scrabble pieces, 2 stale pretzels, baby pacifier, baggie with unopened condoms, chap stick, buttons, deck of cards, halloween candy, rubber bands, single staples, 3 unopened sticks of gum, remote control to a VCR I never use, sample bag of dog treats *I don't have a dog*, a broken night lite, and a tiny pill box with 2 of my daughters baby teeth in it.

  10. I'm loving these entries. My non-writer judges are going to have fun. :)

  11. In my desk drawer, you can find pens, calculator, scissors, gum, hand creams and chocolate just in case I'm in the mood or have a sweet craving! What a fun idea!

  12. Silly putty, lots of pencils and erasers, bookmarks, colored paperclips, and lined paper. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  13. LOL! That's a great list and hard to top. Unfortunately, if your had asked about the crap on top of my desk, I could have impressed you. Some of the goop I keep on it for inspiration or reminders is just as weird. Inside I have a pile of pens and pencils. A wallet with old cc and discount cards. Stickies with info I might need in ten years, or so, maybe. That's about it. So why is it so full?

  14. I have no drawers, but amidst the extreme mess on my desk are: A plastic skull, what may be a real skull, a set of zombie nesting dolls, manacles, a college textbook on embalming, about 800 pens, pills for an incontinent sheepdog, two empty snickers wrappers and a dirty sock, boy's size 8.

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