Monday, April 23, 2012

When Fiction Inspires Reality.

In my post, "Best Books I read in 2011," I raved about this book. Well I decided to reread it and once more came across something that drove me crazy. During the hero's time traveling adventures, he went to a restaurant in the fictional town of DERRY, Maine in 1958. Every time he ate there he ordered something called "Fried Lobster Pickin's." Not much description was offered except the following: "The heap on the platter looked like roadkill, but it smelled terrific and tasted better. Probably a billion grams of cholesterol in every bite, but in 1958, nobody worried about that, which is restful." 

Anyway, I really wanted to try these things and by my 2nd read, I tried to find out if they were real. As far as I could discover, they weren't.

So I decided to invent them. I pictured "Fried Lobster Pickin's" to be chunks of lobster meat that were beer-battered and deep fried. And that is what I made.

Okay, they didn't really look like roadkill, but I think I nailed the part about high cholesterol. :) 

OMG, they were freakin' EPIC!!!! My taste buds were most pleased.

I used Western Pride batter mix and Alaskan Amber Ale.

And thus, another miracle has been inspired by fiction.


  1. Yes! I am still reading this and have been so curious about lobster pickins I can't focus! Thanks for giving me SOME sort of reference point!

  2. Is western Pride batter mix real? Having trouble finding this online.

    1. Yes, it's real, but locally sold in Northern Idaho. You'd have to find another brand of beer batter mix.

  3. I just read that part and had to put my book down to Google if it is a real dish! Disappointed it's not but glad I found your blog to know I'm not alone in this curiosity! And what you cooked looks and sounds delicious. Now I'll have to make some!