Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Now That Summer's Over...

The kids are back in school and I hope to get my writing schedule back in shape. I'm on week 3 of wearing this stupid brace on my hand (that's why I haven't been as active online. Typing in this thing is a bitch). So I should be free of it by Monday. In the meantime I'd like to compile my fall/winter goals.

1.) Get back into a regular writing regime. My husband may actually help me get on board with this by taking my internet modem away and leaving me alone for 2 hours.

2.) Finish rough draft of Book 3 in my series by Christmas. Because Book 4 is really nagging me..so much that I may sneak in notes and rough scenes by then.

3.) Get books 1 & 2 polished up a little more before I commence the grand agent hunt. What's cool is that I just put them on my Kindle and WOW! Not only is it crazy to read my book as a book, it is also easier to spot errors. I found 3 typos in the 1st 3 chapters...and realized the hero from book 2 isn't smoking his pipe in book 1. For shame!

4.) Keep caught up with blog posts. I've been slacking again... But next week I have some awesome guest posts!

5.) Get caught up with the bills...so I can buy more books! I'm loving my Kindle...but hating my empty bank account. To solve this, I've begun my "Blood for Books" campaign. No, I'm not letting vampires bite me. ::wistful sigh:: I'm selling my plasma. My 1st appointment is today...and since I can't have alcohol within 24 hours of donating, this should help stave off "Hemmingway Syndrome."

Anyone else have plans for fall and winter?

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