Monday, September 12, 2011

How's Fall Looking So Far?

I totally identify with this lady...except I don't have a desk so everything's on the floor and my couch.

Hello fellow book people :) The 1st week of school was hectic as usual. I think I only had one truly productive day. But things are slowly getting in order and I've got a lot of fun stuff planned on this blog. First up: CHECK OUT MY LINEUP OF GUEST AUTHORS!!!
Starting on the 14th we get Elisabeth Naughton, Author of MARKED, ENTWINED, and the newly released TEMPTED! ::drool:: She's gonna share some mythology behind her sexy Argonauts.

On the 16th we get debut author of the newly released WASTELAND, Lynn Rush! She's gonna give us a behind the scenes glimpse of what formal edits are like. Prizes and fun stuff galore! "Galore" is a cool word. I should use it more often. :)

October 19th, I get to talk to Rebecca Zanetti about sex. Tee-Hee...

Then sometime near Halloween we get to talk to Trina M. Lee about something she does best: keeping monsters monstrous.

Hopefully I'll get more guest authors on board. Those who are interested are welcome to contact me. The only thing I'd prefer is that you are a published paranormal romance or urban fantasy author. Ya know, to keep with my blog theme.

In the meantime, I'm gonna be posting about one of my other obsessions: Movies. How they compare to books, how they work when based on books, etc.

And how am I doing? Glad you asked. I finally got that stupid brace off my hand. My thumb doesn't feel any better, and it looks like my house threw up. It's never been a clean house, but seriously, I'd consider arson if I thought it would pay off.

How are all of you? What things are you looking forward to this Fall?

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