Friday, July 15, 2011

Those "in-between" times.

Argh, my internet was down all day yesterday and though it was kinda nice to have a break, it felt really weird. Then again, I've been feeling weird all week. I'm now stuck in the "in between."

As you can see by my progress bars all those projects are complete. I can't start on the 2nd draft of HIS SOLO PROJECT until I hear back from my crit buddies, same deal with the 3rd draft of WRENCHING FATE only for that one I need to find people to crit it.

So now I have nothing to work on. I have 3 stories floating in my head but I'm struggling to decide whether I should start on one, or wait until summer vacation's over. The kids have been making even blogging difficult...and I am behind on my fishing.

Yet, without the writing or revising, I've felt out of touch with everything and have had trouble sleeping. I always do during the "in-between."

I know I waxed big about not agonizing over these things in my Summer Resolutions post. But I've already totally bombed #1 and # 5. :)

What do you do during the "In Between" times? Do they drive you crazy too.


  1. I do laundry. And then end up writing random scenes...that turn into books. Have some fun goofing'll be surprised what you do. :)

  2. You start out with random scenes too? That's awesome! I thought I was the only one! Yeah, laundry. ::gives piles of dirty clothes a baleful glare::

  3. They don't drive me crazy, but I do get a bit restless. It usually leads to more reading, biking, and ideating...LOL. I love that word. Try to enjoy the down time. :)