Monday, July 18, 2011

Since I've Found "My People."

My first years of writing seriously were incredibly lonely. Not just because I am by nature a reclusive person, but also I felt like I was cast adrift. The workings of my imagination were constantly at odds with what I knew were the rules..and worse, details I was unsure of such as whether to end certain bits of dialogue with a comma or a period or did I veer too far from the MC's POV?

When I first (and wrongly) began querying, I was even more at odds. Which agents would be a good fit? Was my query right? What was wrong with my 1st chapter? (Besides having a prologue?)

But then I found "my people:" other writers. I found them on twitter, on Querytracker, facebook, and finally in my town.

Since I've found my people, not only has my writing improved by leaps and bounds, I have gotten further than ever in my quest for publication.

Since I've found my people,

I now have a support system. With my people to cheer me on, I write ten times more than I did as a loner.

I don't feel like such a freak for my reclusive ways. Apparently, many writers are like that. When I drop off the face of the internet, they understand and welcome me back with open arms.

I now have a small fan base. Two of my best are a fellow writer who fairly drools over one of my heroes, and a reader another writer hooked me up with and now wants to read everything I write.

Since I've found my people,

I am no longer alone.