Friday, July 29, 2011

Status Check 2011 Goals

Back in January I made a list of goals for the year. Goals, not Resolutions: Many of us do that in January, but how often are we keeping track of them by late July? Let's see how I'm doing.

1.) Get the first two books in my BRIDES OF PROPHECY series polished enough for my agent and then ready for her to submit to publishers.

Well, I don't have the agent anymore, but I do have both novels nearly polished to my satisfaction. A few more touches (Razvan isn't smoking his pipe in book 1) and it'll be ready to go.

2.) Complete another manuscript.

W00T I did this! So far, I've completed a short story and a novella and I'm now working on book 3 of my BRIDES OF PROPHECY series.

3.)Blog at least twice a week
So far I'm doing pretty good with this. I think there was a week or 2 in there with only one post, but life happens.

4.) Have at least one awesome guest author every month

Damn, I'm not doing too well with this one. I think because my writing is interrupting with my networking but I do have a week slated in September for some awesome authors. :)

5.) Become more regular on Twitter and Facebook

I'm doing better with FB, but twitter...I'm slacking. Again, the writing...

6.) Get up to 3000 followers on Twitter

Not doing too well there either, Since January I've gone from 1370 to 1600. I'm slacking.

7.) Keep the house clean and organized.

Utter and complete FAIL! But that's just how I am. Maybe when the kids move out...

8.) Lose 20 pounds...and get my tummy looking good again

Ehhh, I think I've lost about 10's hard to tell. Don't marry an Italian, especially one who cooks. That is all.

9.) Learn how to use a sewing machine to make/ repair clothes.

Nope, nothing there. It was my husband's idea, but since he's now moved on to making bamboo fishing rods, I think it's a lost cause.

10.) Keep my marriage healthy, happy, and full of passion.

I think we're doing good there!

11.) Become a better mother.

I dunno...but at least I haven't become a worse one.

12.) Get a tattoo...or 2.

LOOK! Isn't it lovely?

It's almost done healing and it itches like crazy.

How are you doing on your goals for the year? Successes, failures?


  1. YAY! You are a hot one chica ;o) You've done fantastic! Uh, I didn't make any so... yeah. I think I'm doing okay. I'm almost done with this revision and will be querying soon! LOVE you!! Here's to continuing the good progress you made!

  2. Oooh excited for you!!! Let me know before you query. ;) ;)

  3. And for those of you wondering if I did this post just to show off my tattoo? ....maybe. :)

  4. wow. That's a lot of goals, girl. :) Keep pluggin' away. :) Love the tat! Oh yeah. I remember the itch of those healing tats. I freaked the first time I saw the peeling. LOL!

  5. Man, you should have seen when I took a bath during the peeling stage. OMG.