Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monster Project

As you can see, the progress bar for the loosely titled: Queen of Prophecy is already at 50%. That's not completely accurate since the thing only shows word count.

Allow me to explain:

This novel was actually the 1st one I ever wrote. I started it at 15 and finished it at 18. At 20, I finally got a computer and typed it up. I queried it a little and earned some well-deserved rejections. At 21, my 1st marriage ended (No surprise there) and I stashed away the floppy discs, forgetting about it for the most part while I dealt with that crisis. Eventually, that story and many others came back to me, and I realized 2 things about my 1st novel.

1.) That story was not the beginning. A bunch of other stuff happened first...2 books worth, to be exact.

2.) That story was to "BIG" for a beginning writer. To achieve the level of awesome it's capable of, I needed way more knowledge and writing experience. Ironically, I ran into the same issue with what is now Book 1, WRENCHING FATE. But now I think I have it solved.

Now that the 1st two books in the series are completed, I'm finally ready to tackle this monster of a project. I'd tinkered with it 2 years back (Hence the 40K already complete) Out of a 100K original draft, only 40K was worth salvaging. I can only chuckle, knowing I shall likely cut a bunch more before I'm finished.

Most of it will likely have to be started over from scratch, yet instead of dismay, I am excited...and a little daunted.

Have any of you had a "Monster Project" like this? How did you handle the situation? 

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