Sunday, March 3, 2019

Kissing Vicious is 99 cents for a limited time!

My publisher doesn't discount my Hearts of Metal books often, so jump on this while you can.

Kissing Vicious
 is on sale for 99 cents for a couple days!
You can get it on 
This is the first book in my Hearts of Metal series and it was such a blast to write. A tough as nails, tomboy guitarist gets to become a roadie for her favorite band and tries to fight the chemistry between her and the sexy lead singer.
It was a theraputic story to write because I got to vent about all the problems a woman can develop with accepting her femininity after being raised by a sexist father.
Other news:
I am wrapping up the last two chapters of my SECRET project. Since it comes out April 25th, I'm anticipating getting a cover from my publisher soon. Either way, I'm going to start dropping hints next week. ::evil laugh::
I'm also ordering my swag for Booklover's Con in May. My books for the Goody Room arrived as well. 
There's still time to register for the convention! The full 4-day con is $390 and that includes access to the lottery events, but they also have All-Access day passes for $200, so you can pick which day has the events and parties you're most interested in and come for the day. 
And of course, the book signing on Saturday is free and open to the public.
And for those not able to attend, I'll be giving away a book and swag pack BEFORE and AFTER the convention to my Newsletter subscribers!
I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I don't know about the rest of you in the US, but I am SICK of winter!

Brooklyn Ann

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Brides of Prophecy
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Also don't need to be read in order until book 5...kinda
Prequel: Tesemini (Free)
Wrenching Fate Only 99 cents!
Hearts of Metal
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