Thursday, March 14, 2019

What Happens When A Cover Model Turns Out To Be A Jerk?

Okay, so here's the tea.
First, back in January, cover model Jimmy Thomas went on a rant that body-shamed women. It was bad. Readers threatened to boycott books that had him on the cover and cover artists volunteered discounts for authors to change said covers. I was broke and busy wrapping up Melding Souls and the new secret book, so I couldn't change mine right away. 
And then in February he went on an even more insane rant saying that sex trafficking should be legal because the women and girls "wanted it." And also, something messed up about how women should always give sex to men because they NEED it because testosterone. ??? Anyway, I think this asshat is on full 'roid rage or something. 
If you want to see the screenshots of his ugly rants, you can type his name in the search bar in Twitter or FB. The stuff is too ugly for me to quote.
Anyway, the point is, Jimmy was purged from the cover of Pleading Rapture. Here is the new cover.
The paperback hasn't been changed yet, because that's a slightly longer process, but I hope to have that accomplished next week.... the same time that the paperback of Melding Souls will be out! 
I also plan on gradually changing the other Brides of Prophecy covers. Wrenching Fate will be next. 
Other news:
Surprise, surprise! Kissing Vicious is still on sale for 99 cents! My publisher doesn't discount the Hearts of Metal books often and I don't know how long they'll keep it discounted, so grab it while you can.

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