Monday, April 23, 2012

When Fiction Inspires Reality.

In my post, "Best Books I read in 2011," I raved about this book. Well I decided to reread it and once more came across something that drove me crazy. During the hero's time traveling adventures, he went to a restaurant in the fictional town of DERRY, Maine in 1958. Every time he ate there he ordered something called "Fried Lobster Pickin's." Not much description was offered except the following: "The heap on the platter looked like roadkill, but it smelled terrific and tasted better. Probably a billion grams of cholesterol in every bite, but in 1958, nobody worried about that, which is restful." 

Anyway, I really wanted to try these things and by my 2nd read, I tried to find out if they were real. As far as I could discover, they weren't.

So I decided to invent them. I pictured "Fried Lobster Pickin's" to be chunks of lobster meat that were beer-battered and deep fried. And that is what I made.

Okay, they didn't really look like roadkill, but I think I nailed the part about high cholesterol. :) 

OMG, they were freakin' EPIC!!!! My taste buds were most pleased.

I used Western Pride batter mix and Alaskan Amber Ale.

And thus, another miracle has been inspired by fiction.


  1. Yes! I am still reading this and have been so curious about lobster pickins I can't focus! Thanks for giving me SOME sort of reference point!