Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Biggest Giveaway Ever!

Hey Fantastipeople!

A group of authors, spearheaded by the incomparable Bonnie R. Paulson and Melissa Storm are having a mass month-long giveaway in celebration of strong women in romance. There are over $2500 in prizes. There will be weekly winners of $100 and two grand prize winners of $1000. My jaw dropped when I saw the figure.

Too bad I'm excluded from winning.

Why is that? Because I'M one of the participating authors!

That's right, you'll see on the bottom row of the picture that Unleashing Desire is one of the featured books.

And holy crap UNLEASHING DESIRE comes out in only 13 days!!!

You can preorder it here!

Do you have to sign up for author Newsletters to enter? Yes, but unlike most of these giveaways, you get to pick and choose which types of authors you want to hear from. So no need to worry if you don't like erotica, you won't get any emails from erotic authors. You are in control of the content you're interested in.

And with those sign ups come FREE BOOKS! And even more giveaways. I give away a free book to everyone who signs up for my newsletter, for example. And I have a new giveaway every month! And Pssst! I heard that most of the 150 participating authors are doing the same.

So if you want to win some cash and get free books, be sure to sign up! Bit.Ly/StrongReaders

I also have another giveaway going on Amazon for ecopies of With Vengeance (Hearts of Metal Book 2) You can go here to enter! With Vengeance Giveaway.

In other news I have 9 more Quilt squares to go and I'll be sharing some more soon.

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