Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Unleashing Desire comes out in 7 days and other news!

My hands are sweating, just like they do before every release. Will you guys like this one? Will this book help or harm my career? So many silly worries plague an author when a release is imminent.

Mostly though, I'm excited. This might be my favorite cover of the series, and early reviewers love it.

I'm also excited for you to read the story. In this book, Razvan and Radu, twin vampires separated for seven hundred years, finally reunite. Also, a certain plot thread left open in book one, Wrenching Fate is finally resolved. I've been sitting on this secret for over two years (6, if you count when I started writing the series) and I finally get to reveal it!

So be sure to Preorder UNLEASHING DESIRE !

Also, I'm having an awesome release party on Facebook on the 16th. Go here to join in the fun!

In other news, my birthday is Friday! I'm going to be thirty-::cough::

And my Horrorquilt is coming along. I have seven and a half squares to go.

These are the ones I've done lately:

I should be finishing my Phantasm 2 square tonight. I hope. 

I also need to get on making part 2 of my "how to make a painted block quilt" posts.

But for now, I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I hope to see some of you at my release party!

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