Thursday, October 29, 2015

October was my best month ever! (For Books, anyway.)

Holy wow, this was an insane month. Between my computer dying, getting a bunch of editing gigs, and the insane struggle of getting CONJURING DESTINY out AND the wonderful success of a release, I am EXHAUSTED.

However, this book has definitely done the best out of my three independent novels I've released. Still not as good as my commercially published books, or enough to quit the day job or anything, but we'll just say that I published WRENCHING FATE for "beer money" (Ironically I'm now so busy I don't drink as much anymore) and IRONIC SACRIFICE for my internet bill.

Of course, some improvement was expected because:

A.) Book #3 usually is where you hit a spike,

B.) I knew NOTHING about promo when I published my 1st book.

And honestly I didn't really have the money for it when I started anyway. Still don't, for the most part.

C.) This sounds really stupid, but I didn't know how to apply to book reviewers.

D.) Book one, WRENCHING FATE, is FREE now!

However, there were many worries. CONJURING DESTINY was definitely the hardest book I've ever written. So much so that I started it back when I was fifteen and ended up tearing it apart and rewriting it countless times.

Fantasy is hard as well. I had to create an entire world and people for it. I did a nifty guest post on all the different people in the word. You can check it out Here for a chance to win a $25 gift card.

Also, this book is so different from the first 2 in the series. It's kind of a weird book. I guess that's fitting, since Xochitl is a really weird character.

So I was terrified that people would hate it.

However, I was determined to finish it finally and get it out there. Because I can't continue the series without finishing that one, and also, funnily enough, my George RR Martin obsession motivated me.

See, I've spent the last few years getting progressively more angry with him for not finishing THE WINDS OF WINTER.

And in the midst of my cursing him, I realized I was being a hypocrite, because I NEEDED to finish mine! And I have a feeling George is getting close to his.

So instead of bitching about him, I shut my mouth and vowed to finish CONJURING DESTINY before he finished WINDS. (With his writing pace, that wasn't a major challenge) but by God, I DID IT!

So now the book is out and guess what?

People DON'T HATE IT!!

This was seriously the best indie debut I've ever had.

And the reviews are great so far! I even got the coveted "WOW!" Check em out!

Another cool thing is that this release made my heavy metal romance, KISSING VICIOUS sell more than it did when it first came out.

I am really excited. And also hanging back going, "Whoa, I have SEVEN books out." SEVEN.

My first novel, BITE ME, YOUR GRACE came out in April of 2013, so I've been published for 2 1/2 years and I've been building momentum ever since.

I'm finishing my 3rd Heavy metal romance this weekend and I'll have more news on the impending release of book 2 soon, but tomorrow will be dedicated to Horror Movies.

Because I LOVE Halloween.

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