Friday, June 14, 2013

Another #%%$^%^ Plagiarist!

Yet again, another hardworking author is being victimized by a soulless lying thief.

Alison Gilmore claims to be "just a girl who loves to write." She is posting serial chapters of a story called "A Bitch Called Fate."

Here's the beginning of 1st chapter copied & pasted from her website:

"Haley’s lucky cowgirl boots kicked up clouds of dust as she paced across the wooden plank floor.

A mouse skittered in front of her and she jumped like a scalded cat.

So much for maintaining nerves of steel.

Well, at least she hadn’t shrieked like a scream queen from some cheesy slasher flick.
In the last twenty-three minutes and forty-two seconds shed chewed her bottom lip to the point she tasted blood beneath the cherry-flavoured lip gloss. Not only that, her fingers hurt from continually cracking her knuckles. Frogs jumped in her stomach and were stuck in her throat. She’d clenched her jaw hard enough to make her earlobes sting. Given her erratic physical reactions, one would believe she was facing the hangman’s noose. An executioner’s blade. Or a blind date.

She was meeting a man. A man she didn’t know. A man she’d never spoken to. A man who held her entire future in his hands."

Now if you'll look at this Nook sample Chapter of "All Jacked Up" by Lorelei James, 
(Published by Samhain in 2009) you'll notice that aside from name changes, the chapter is identical. 
(Sorry, I wasn't able to screencap or copy and paste it because you know, it has a copywrite.)

Yet Alison Gilmore is claiming to be writing this book right now, posting one chapter at a time. She just posted the eleventh chapter yesterday despite receiving takedown requests by the real author and being threatened with legal action. Because, you know, she's "just a girl who loves to 'write.'"

Ms. Gilmore, WRITING is NOT copying others' work and claiming it is your own. Writing is putting down your OWN words and stories, not STEALING them from others.

Many have tried to inform her of this, alas, only "Approved" reviews can be posted on her site. However, you can follow her on twitter, (@AlisonGilmore)

And most importantly, you can contact her web host here. I'm sure they would like to know that they are being used for immoral purposes.

UPDATE: The page is down! Another plagiarist bites the dust! 

However, writer/ blogger RILZY has the magic of screenshots and did further research into the matter, so her post is way better. You can read it HERE.  

And now I will close with this question: Why do you think people do this? What satisfaction do they get from claiming someone else's work is their own? I am seriously baffled.


  1. BRAVO!!!!

    Ok, without sounding all blog stalker creepy, because I've never posted to your blog before, I totally LOVE this post.

    Too many authors are being victimized by opportunists who want to make an easy buck. Well, ENOUGH.


    1. Thanks so much! Yes, these people sicken me.