Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Updates and Rambles

For being on vacation, I've been hella busy. In fact, I'm actually on my way to help out at the bookstore and I just woke up, so this post will be a mish-mash of rambling thoughts and news.

1.) Huckleberries are awesome. I've been up in the mountains with my man and friends picking them by the gallon. Sold a few, made some money, and made milkshakes.

2.) People in Hollywood do not understand how lady parts work. This randomly popped in my head when I was trying to sleep. I'll give 2 movies as an example.

WAITING:  The movie was hilarious, but near the end one of the female characters drops her pants to reveal what looked like a toupee glued to her crotch and really fake squares of toilet paper stuck to the top... nowhere near where toilet paper would be used.

LOST HIGHWAY: Some cop says: "That guy gets more p*ssy than a toilet seat." Um... maybe a toilet seat for really drunk, clumsy women.

3.) Why can't the world just f*ck off when I'm trying to write. Seriously, I just started book 3 in my historical paranormal romance series and I keep getting interrupted. People are lucky I'm not violent.

4.) Gardening seems to be more of a man thing these days. Seriously, we rent out gardens every season and all the renters are men. They do a damn good job, too. My husband does all the gardening for us because I have a brown thumb.

5.) Holy Crap, I'm turning 30 in a few days.

6.) Double Crap, I'm quitting smoking when I turn 30

7.) OMG, I'm going back to college in a few weeks!

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