Friday, June 8, 2012

10 "OMG You haven't Seen it?" Movies (Part 1)

Happy Weekend everyone! I figure I'm long overdue for another movie post. Movies are a big thing in my family and I have quite a collection. And whenever I talk movies with a friend, it never fails that I'll gasp, "OMG, you haven't seen ______?" 

So this will be the first of many lists. None are obscure (I'll do an obscure list sometime) and many will elicit nods of agreement from a lot of you. But I know there's plenty of you out there who haven't seen.... 


Veeeeery loosely based on a novella by Stephen King (Richard Bachman in the opening credits) This film is the epitome of an 80's dystopyian. Full of cheese and fun action. Also, Richard Dawson plays an awesome villain.


Despite starring Halley Berry, for some reason Gothika never got the attention it deserved. Part psychological thriller with supernatural elements, this movie has you jumping and guessing every second.


Tim Curry's in it! Need I say more? Okay, the rest of the cast was awesome too, even Charlie Sheen. And there was definitely enough drama and comedy in it to keep me watching.


I usually hate sci-fi movies, but there is just something compellingly awesome about this one. The premise is a freakin' trip and a half and the heroine is a total bad-ass. And Ah-nold is well, classic Ah-nold. Special effects are done amazingly well for 1990, including an alien with 3 boobs. (Now all the men reading this will rent the movie just for that.)

Apparently a remake will be released this year. I'm intrigued and scared.


This one's actually based on a true story of Jamaica's first bobsled team. Inspiring AND funny! Also, the theme song just makes ya want to dance!


The first time I saw this movie, I was eight months pregnant and made a total ass of myself bawling in the theater. Written by Stanley Kubric and directed by Stephen Spielberg, A.I. manages to be dark and twisted, yet pull your heartstrings at the same time. It's pretty much Pinocchio with an unhappy ending. But it's done with such haunting beauty, all must see it.


Long before there was THE BIG BANG THEORY, there was Revenge of the Nerds... though the sequels aren't that great. The characters are excellent. I guarantee everyone will find a nerd they can relate to. :)

The Color Purple

Based on Alice Walker's amazing novel, this film is definitely on my list of "Greatest of all Time." Whoopi Goldberg stars as Celie, a woman who is oppressed by family, husband, and society yet slowly finds her strength. Have a box of tissues at hand. This one's a bigger tear-jerker than Forest Gump.


I love movies that make you go WTF? Even more, I love movies that make you think. CUBE does both. It's an ultimate mind trip. Despite major questions remaining unanswered, this one has you staring at the screen, scratching your head and thinking, "I gotta watch this with so-and-so."

Harold and Maude

This one's probably the quirkiest love story of all time. Maude should be everyone's hero. HAROLD and MAUDE will make you laugh, cry, and have a whole new outlook on life and love. I don't want to say too much about the actual story because every second is a treat. 


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    1. Awesome, which ones? I own em all, so I could loan you!

  2. Is it sad that I have seen, and own, most of those? Eek!!

    Great list! WRITE ON!