Wednesday, February 8, 2012

6 Reasons Why I Love Regencies

Those of you who have hung around long enough know by now that I'm a total metal-head, horror movie buff, Stephen King fanatic and a former mechanic. On the surface it seems strange that I adore Regency Romances. So I feel compelled to explain myself:

1.) The "World Building." Regency England was a whole different world with its own language, customs, and a plethora of fascinating settings.

2.) I LOVE history. The scandals surrounding political figures and the adventures of famed people fuel the fires of my imagination. For example, didja know that when the Regent was crowned King, he had armed guards bar his wife from the coronation?

3.) There are so many "Rules" to break. A zillion little things dictated every moment of one's life in the aristocracy, to the point where multiple volumes full of rules were published to help a person navigate their way in Society. These rules cry to be broken just so I can see how a character handles the consequences.

4.) Challenges with Technology. With no electricity, cars, or cell phones, it is interesting to see how people deal with what we'd see as a minor inconvenience.

5.) Physical Contact was a Bigger Deal. A touch on a man's forearm as he escorts you through the manor's garden, his grip on your waist as he helps you off your horse, the feel of his hand at the small of your back as you waltz. ::sigh:: Modern set romances can't help but take these things for granted.

6.) The Stakes are Higher. If light touches lead to a stolen kisses...or ::gasp:: more, a marriage proposal had best be forthcoming. And speaking of marriage, it was FOREVER in those times. Even the Regent couldn't get a divorce. So that relationship had better work.

What is your favorite genre? Why do you love it?

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  1. All-time favorite is fantasy. I absolutely love the complete and total escapism you get with high fantasy. And, magic. The myriad of ways authors can utilize the magical element in their writing astounds and inspires me.

    However, I also really LOVE books written in Regency England. Books written about society from people living in that time frame is fascinating to me. How life was different, how somethings have not changed, how somethings have gotten worse instead of better. Societal evolution is one of my favorite topics.