Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Getting back in gear

I've missed a few blog posts this week...and the ones from last week were late. I've also been minimal in my social networking...and I've only averaged 4-5K a week in my #WIP this month. Still, this is pretty good for me. Since my mom died on Valentine's day of 2009, I'd alternated between a numb, mindless state and a quivering ball of misery every February. Although, come to think of it, I don't think I'd had good Februarys before that, being that it's the time I'm at the verge of screaming in impatience for winter to be over. I HATE winter.

This year, however, I had enough good days to get at least something done every day...except Tuesday, I slept through most of that and spent the rest reading. 

But now it's time for me to get back in gear. My goal is to finish the first draft of this novel by May....and I want my rock star novella finished by the end of June....and sometime soon I need to do a final polish on WRENCHING FATE so I can find a home for it. And of course there's edits and revisions on my remaining projects. 

With that said, my blog will be reduced to two posts a week...though I'm planning to get more awesome guest authors for you guys, starting with Grace Burrowes next week and Shana Galen in Mid-March for sure. I'm still working on convincing Bonnie R. Paulson to show us how to make spreadsheets because these are invaluable not only for keeping tabs on yourself, but also for tax purposes.

In the meantime I'm going to be working hard to get caught up on this novel. 

How's your productivity been? How do you catch up when you're behind?


  1. I 'trick' myself into getting back into it by only letting myself write in small increments at first...then the tension builds and the momentum comes back. It's kinda like teasing a cat with a cat toy :) Love your cat photo. I have a very sweet tortoise shell cat whom I adore. I don't have an ID thingy so I had to sign in Anonymous but wanted to say 'Hi' and I'm glad you joined the chapter.

  2. Hi, Virginia! I'm glad I was finally able to join as well! It's so nice to finally connect with other romance writers in person!

  3. I like to "palate cleanse". If a certain project gets bogged down and I feel like writing something completely different because my mood is just not right for a certain scene, I will get something else moving along. If I need something light and fluffy, I have a WIP for those moments. If I need dark and gory, I have a WIP for that. None of the others are my primary, but they all help to pull the mood out of me enough that I can focus again. Seems to work. *shrug*