Monday, February 20, 2012

Romance during an emergency.

Because I don't have the pic of me holding his foot.

The other night my husband had a shooting pain in his skull and immediately became pale and clammy. I took him to the emergency room. The nurses then proceeded to scare the living shit out of us by acting like he was having a heart attack. Their machine was being a little wonky. After a frightening eternity waiting in the exam room, we discovered he'd had an abscess under his tooth which had burst. We have him on antibiotics and pain killers and are seeking out a dentist.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I noticed we did some pretty quirky things during the emergency that made our love obvious.

The stupid bed and chairs were placed in such a way that I was unable to hold his hand, or stroke his hair. So, I clung to his foot and spent the whole time rubbing my thumb over his shoe even though it had a big hole in the bottom and stank like hell because he'd been sweating buckets.

When my husband was asked to relate his symptoms, he took great pains to make sure he always said "nauseated" instead of "nauseous" and looked at me every time to make sure he was grammatically correct. At home, he goes out of his way to abuse grammar on purpose just to annoy me. I guess that's what you do when you're married to a writer.

Anyway, people do ridiculous things when they're in love and now that I know my husband's okay, I guess it's kinda cute.

What quirky things have you done, seen, or read that proves two people are in love?  


  1. I once saw this older couple--like in their late 70s--leaving the grocery store. As they past the produce section, the wife said, "Oh, we forgot the orange. I was so looking forward to an orange today." The husband sighed dramatically, went and got an orange and stood in line for a while to pay for it. As he got back to his wife, he took her hand and kissed her wrinkled cheek. "You'll have your orange today," he said. Her smile lit up the whole store and then they walked out hand-in-hand.

    I was standing in line by the bank as all of this was going on. I don't know that anybody else noticed the scene, but as they left I was choking back tears.

  2. Giving away a fact I've been trying to keep separate from my writing, but WTH, he's awesome... My husband is a perpetual gift giver. While it is endearing at times, it is mostly annoying 'cause what he buys is really just a waste of money in my mind. BUT, he went out of his way to fit an amazing motorcycle to my tiny inseam. It was a long and painful process for the poor man. The end result was a fabulous machine that fit me like a glove and cornered like we were headed for Hell. Oh how I miss that bike!! He also goes out to the shop when it is in the teens to fix my car when it needs it. So what if he doesn't know my favorite flower, or chocolate, or coffee, and buys me ammo I will never use instead? The man will freeze his butt off doing something that hurts him and he hates just to make me safe. I love him SO much!