Friday, December 16, 2011

On Crushes.

Crushes...we all have em. Some are the funny feeling you get in your belly at the sight of someone. Some are the fascination with a character, real or fictional. Some are just drooling in lust at the sight of irresistible looks. My husband was all three...and still is.

But then there's the flip side. Crushes do not always mean you want to sleep with someone. Crushes don't mean you want a relationship with that person. But they can serve as great inspiration, especially for artists and writers.

Like many of us, I pant over Johnny Depp....but even if I was single, I'd never date a mega-star. All those cameras and people? ::Shudder:: But that doesn't stop me for using him as an imaginary cover model for my Romanian vampire twins in my BRIDES OF PROPHECY series. The same goes for my crush on Dave Mustaine from Megadeth. I'm sure one of my rock star novellas will feature a brilliant guitarist with gorgeous strawberry blond locks.

But what really got me thinking about these non-lustful, non-romantic crushes are two guys: Actor Danny Trejo and and acquaintance of mine.

He's usually scowling in all of his movies, but the guy actually has a very nice smile

I don't have a picture of the acquaintance...and even if I did, I'd be nice and not post it. I will say that his hair is the most interesting of silver-ish blond (but he's not old) and his eyes are a really sparkly sky blue.
Neither can be considered "stud-muffins" in any form. (Sorry, I wanted an excuse to say "stud-muffin) But both are very striking in appearance and have fascinating personalities.

Heroines with unconventional looks have become welcome in the romance genre for awhile, and I'm glad to see that the same is beginning to apply to heroes as well.

For my next two regency paranormal novels, I aim to keep with that theme. The first one featured an impossibly hot hero (imaginary cover model is the guy on my main blog banner) but the following will showcase damaged heroes whose looks fall more into "striking" than handsome.

How 'bout you guys? What sorts of crushes have you had?


  1. Okay, i have a crush on my kids' dentist. Seriously. He's so funny and sweet. But he's married and I sm too HAPPILY. It's just one of those "Ahhh, he's a sweety" things.

  2. I hear ya there. My Dr. looks like a young Dr. House. Rrrrow!

  3. Well, Jonny Depp is a given. I mean the man can act and has definite sex appeal. I am a Twi-nerd and absolutely fell for the Doc. Dr. Cullen, yep I wouldn't mind an eternity of blood lust for that one! But the one that has always been my crush and always will be is Gary Oldman. I first saw him in Bram Stoker's Dracula and nearly drooled on the screen. He's my heart throb. He's the basis of one of my characters with the same accent he had in Dracula (only pasty and white haired, being a wind demon and all). Swoon-worthy in my opinion. But I've also had the crushes where the person I know is really nice and is absolutely amazing regardless of the looks. A lot of my best friends have been that way. Not much to look at, but brilliant personalities that make me like them even more than the heart throbs.

  4. I remember in kindergarten having a major crush on a boy. All goosebumpy and tingles just by having him stand beside me.
    I've had quite a few book crushes. *cough Jamie Fraser*
    I havent really fallen for many actors on TV other than Castle, Luke Danes and Angel.
    Great post!