Friday, December 2, 2011

NaNo Recap: Triumph or Fail?

As I mentioned in this post, I decided to try my hand at NaNo at the last minute. It was completely unofficial. I didn't sign in to the NaNoWrimo site. Hell, I didn't even put up a progress bar. I did it unofficially because I anticipated being pulled away to work on something else at any moment....but I still wanted to write. I needed to write.

I got about 5K into another rock star romance novella before, sure enough, I remembered a friend's birthday was coming up, so I had to work on a portrait of his favorite IRON MAIDEN album cover.

I'd lost my 6B pencil, but I found it so I gotta shade it in more.
And of course since it's November, I ended up with a terrible cold that lasted nearly 2 weeks...while I was working on the portrait. 

After I finished it, I lost grasp on the former project. But I still wanted to write. So I decided to be evil and write the opening of the 4th book in my urban fantasy series that one of my betas had been begging for. I sent her the first few paragraphs. Yeah, she wants more. And I would have given it to her.

But then my editor asked for the concepts of my next 2 books. I've never written a synopsis for a book I hadn't written, and now I had to do 2. EEEEK! 

After much stressing, I pulled it off, and it was fun! I like these stories and can't wait to write them! Hell, I already got started before I heard back.

Thankfully, she LOVED them! 

So, I wrote approximately 11K for NaNoWriMo...not only did I fail to get the requisite 50K, but it was on 4 different projects.

But I think I still WON because I was WRITING. And I have the beginnings of many pleasant journeys before me.

What do you think. Did you do NaNo? How did it turn out for you this year?


  1. You definitely won. You came up with two synopses that your editor loved. What is way better than finishing NaNo with a book your editor might not fall in love with. :)

  2. I'd say you definitely won - I think one of the points of NaNo is to get you writing and you certainly did that! :-)

    I was a very reluctant NaNo participant this year. I really didn't have time for it and I gave up a lot of other stuff in order to turn it into a win. But it was worth it in the end because I've got another complete (almost) draft that I really like.

  3. I totally signed up for it and failed epically. Well, as far as word count goes. I wanted to write the entire continuation of my werewolf book, but decided to edit the crap out of the first one and only wrote about 5K on the second and another 5K on another idea I had bouncing around in my head. So, yeah. Epic fail on word count, BUT you should have a brand new book to critique in your inbox soon!! So, I think I won. And I think you definitely won!