Friday, October 7, 2011

Stand-Alones With Series Potential

I've been thinking a lot about my regency paranormal romance, BITE ME, YOUR GRACE. While I had an agent, I did my best to pretend it didn't exist while it was supposedly being shopped. Instead I focused on the first two in my BRIDES OF PROPHECY series and getting them ready for a professional eye. That, I still believe is a good thing since one of the golden rules of being on submission is to concentrate on other work.

But now it's time to think about that regency. It is, by far the most fun book I have and the most fun to write. Also, it is in the best shape of my projects and has been read by more people than the others.

Almost all who have read it have asked: "Is there a series?" Or "Why don't you have any more historicals?"

Hmmmm....why don't I? Besides my former agent never bringing it up and my attachment to my "pet" projects, I have no excuse.

It's true that BITE ME, YOUR GRACE likely can't have a direct sequel as all loose ends were tied up....but....

Is Ian, my vampire duke, the only immortal blood drinker hiding in the ton? There could totally be more. Who was Ian's second in command? Whoever he is, he'd have to be quite alpha and studly. And what happens when Ian and his bride leave London for an extended honeymoon? Silas McNaught is his temporary replacement...and though my beta readers know what his story is centuries down the road, we don't know how his first stint as a Lord vampire went. How did London's vampires tolerate having a new master? And a Scot at that?

And let's leave London for a minute. Who are the Lords of Britain's other regions? I bet the Lord of Cornwall lives in a spooky castle. 

Oh, the ideas are spinning! Happy Friday, all!

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