Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Treats & WINNER of FATED!

....and the winner is DESI!!! I'll be emailing you soon. :)

Since my stepdaughter's birthday is the week before Halloween, we have a Halloween-themed party for her. I'm so jealous!!! least I get to make the gory treats. 

The first...and easiest one is: THE BARFING PUMPKIN:

As you can see, the process is simple: Carve a pumpkin to look queasy, and have it "barf" out dip for crackers and chips.

Next are CREEPY EYEBALLS: I've used carrots, but halved cherry tomatoes work as well. Simply top with ranch and a sliced olive:

Or you can do deviled eggs and top those with olive. I think that's what I'll do this year.

As for beverages, you can do an ICE HAND in a bowl of blood red punch. Simply wash out an un-powdered latex glove, fill it with water, freeze, and remove the latex.

This one isn't mine. I couldn't find the pic.

Then, there's the GRAVEYARD CAKE. I used Halloween stuff in the cake-decorating section and then decorated Milan cookies to look like tombstones.

What are your Halloween plans and traditions?

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