Friday, April 8, 2011

GRRRR! Titles!

If you'll kindly take a look at the top right progress bar, you'll see that I passed the halfway mark on my WIP. You'll also see that I have yet to come up with a name for it. So, I'm starting to get nervous. :)

Titles are funny things. You use them to grab the reader, and hopefully, an agent or editor. But one thing I learned about the industry is that editors often change a book's title. Why bother giving your book a title then? Because a good one can still grab people and you may get to keep it. And you gotta call it something. That'd be like having kids or pets without names. It's just not right.

Some of my other works were easy to name. I came up with IDOL'S KISS after writing 2 pages and AN IRONIC SACRIFICE came to me after the first chapter. However, BITE ME, YOUR GRACE and WRENCHING FATE were tough. BITE ME, YOUR GRACE was intended to be joke title after writing 40K and still having nothing. But when I mentioned it on Twitter, there was such a positive response to it that it stuck. After awhile it even grew on me.

WRENCHING FATE was originally called BLOOD PROPHECY and neither of those titles came easily.

Maybe you guys can help a little. This will be a category-length contemporary romance that's "sweet" in tone. Here's my basic premise: (keep in mind it's not in query or synopsis form yet)

After losing her baby and marriage, historical romance author Shayna Gray decides to take a walk. She walks for over a thousand miles, finally collapsing outside of a rock concert. Some thugs attack her and she's rescued by famous rock star, Dani Deity. Well, actually his body guards save her and that makes him feel really inept and he's got a "Knight complex" so he takes her in and takes care of her.

Shayna's been emotionally beaten down by grief from the death of her son and her controlling ex husband. Dani's one of those guys that needs to be needed. Because of that, and also because a rock star and author would be a good combo since they can tour together, they're a perfect match. Eventually, they'll figure it out.

As for a title, I like the idea of including something about walking in there, but can't get it to work. I also like the idea of hinting at Dani's modern "knight" persona, but again I'm still lost. Any ideas?

How do you go about choosing a title? What was your hardest one?


  1. Titles are hard. Only 2 of my WIPs have tittles for that reason. I wish you luck.

  2. Hmm. Maybe something about Armor or Control? or about running away? Or something about Rock...
    Rock 'n Armor (instead of Roll). LOL I'm kidding. Something about freedom? Freedom of Armor? UGH, that's bad too. Freedom Rock? LOL "turn it up, man" Sorry, you see my process here. I'll see what I can come up with after I read it ;o)

    I love picking titles, I knew the title to my WIP before I even wrote it, so that helped. It's from an Incubus song.

    *still thinking*

    BTW I can't wait to read this one! Good Luck!

  3. Really? Thanks, so flattered! I didn't know if you'd be interested in this once since it's all love story and no subplot, i.e. no one's dying, no magic worlds, etc.

  4. Something like "Walking the Gauntlet", perhaps?


    Walk Into Knight

    Finding Knight

    Just a few suggestions, maybe they'll inspire you to find the right one. :-)

    I love titles - and I love it when the right one just clicks. My Fantasy Ranch series is completely plotted straight off the titles, but my stand alone works are/were titled after I wrote the synopsis for the story. Weird how that works...

    Good luck!

    (Sweet? Really? Why? LOL)

  5. LOL, I DON'T KNOW WHY!!!! *Those* scenes will have my usual heat level, though. I like those suggestions. I think I'll play with em a little.

  6. What about something like "Walking Into the Knight" or "Rescued By the Knight"? Or if you're looking for a little more heat, "Seduced By the Knight."

    Titles are really hit or miss with me. I either have them right from the start or I agonize over them for weeks.

  7. Those are cute. Maybe "Walk to the Knight" Yeah, my titles are hit or miss as well.