Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Final Stretch

Despite suffering a cold and countless other interferences, I am finishing the rough draft of this project by Saturday. I'll have to forsake my usual Friday debauchery, but damn it, it's going to get done. As usual, my word count will come shy of what I planned, but that's okay.

There are always mixed feelings when finishing a project, whether it's a short story, or the final line edits of a novel, but for some reason the emotions are more intense and contrasting for me when I near completing the rough draft of a manuscript.

Naturally, there's a measure of excitement. Excitement to complete a new project, excitement to write the dramatic scenes of the story's climax.

But there's also a measure of dread and reluctance, both from leaving the new world and characters I created and fear of not writing an ending that does the characters justice.

And finally, there's impatience. Impatience to get the damn thing finished and to move on to the next project that's flirting with my imagination.

What emotions do you experience when you come close to the finishing line?


  1. IMPATIENCE is my number one issue. Good job!

  2. Me too - Once I catch sight of the end, I just want it *done* already. LOL

    Good luck - you can do it! :-)

  3. I'm like Bonnie, I'm as impatient as all get out! Hang in there!
    ps I nominated you for a blog award on my blog. stop by my blog to claim it!

  4. I may be the odd duck in the pond, but I get so excited!!! I am all giddy and can't sleep that night (because I usually end up burning the candle at both ends to finish) and I'm usually a zombie the next day from pulling an all nighter. But happy!! I guess I'm just proud of myself for actually accomplishing my goal. I'm a little sad that it is ending, and daunted because I know that's when the real work begins, but mostly happy. My main character gets her happy ending even if it is not normal.