Monday, December 27, 2010

Brooklyn Ann's triumphs, trials, and tribulations of 2010

2010 was a pretty exciting year for me. Nearly every month was a new accomplishment.

January: After surviving my first Christmas without my mother and celebrated my 6-year dating anniversary with my fiance, I submitted my first batch of queries for my regency paranormal romance, BITE ME, YOUR GRACE. Then I went on a road trip to Salt Lake City for a conference with the financial advising company I was working for. During the trip I decided that finance was not for me, but I came away with an awesome cookie recipe. When I got back home I had received a few partial requests for my manuscript.

February: I received a rejection on my first partial request and a few query rejections, but I garnered a few more requests as well. I also came to realize that my word count was still too low. After some more work with my awesome betas I was able to get more words and fix some insidious errors. I also began working 2 jobs. One at The Bookworm, my favorite store ever, and the other doing the 2010 census. Fun Stuff!

March: In the midst of the chaos working 2 jobs, I realized that my wedding date was looming near...then I discovered that my wedding gown no longer fit. YIKES! Somehow, between work, family, my manuscript submissions, and arranging my reproductive surgery, I somehow needed to lose 2 inches from my waistline.
Slim-Fast shakes taste like crap.

April: Thankfully, the census work came to an end. Although I missed the pay, I was getting a little tired of hiking through the woods and facing attack dogs. It was good exercise. I also did regular ab exercises at the bookstore when there were no customers around, which unfortunately for my wallet, was a little too often. After my tubal ligation, my boss sadly informed me that she could no longer afford to keep me. Unemployed, foggy on pain meds and raging hormones from my surgery, the month was a little difficult.

May: The wedding was fast approaching. Nearly every day was consumed with preparations. And I was still in query/ submission hell. My diet was also really getting tedious. Somehow everything worked out by the 30th. My dress fit, my bachelor party kicked ass, and I had the most awesome wedding ever.

June: Everything went wrong at first and we were almost unable to go on our honeymoon. But again, it worked out and we spent a a delightful week in Seattle. It was my first away-vacation ever and I had a blast. My best friend since 3rd grade lived there and it was a wonderful reunion despite the sad news that she'd soon be moving to New Zealand. And the best news of all was that I received 2 more full requests from some awesome agents.

July: Best month ever! I received 2 offers of representation from said awesome agents. In my excitement, I didn't handle it as well as I should have but everything worked out and I accepted representation from Cari Foulk at Tribe Lit just before I attended my 10 year High School reunion. Bragging rights rule. I also got a job as a janitor. It was perfect for my writing schedule. I began working on another project.

August: I signed my contract with my lovely agent and celebrated my birthday. Between the kids and the constant barbecues it was a struggle to get in some writing time.

September: I'd never been more relieved that summer vacation was over. As the kids set off for their 1st day of school, my husband and I danced in the street with noisemakers- literally. I began revisions on BITE ME, YOUR GRACE with my agent and also worked my tail off on my WIP. My best friend visited one last time before her move to New Zealand. A miracle occurred and I was able to attend the Idaho Writer's League conference where I won two awards.

October: I worked my tail off on my WIP, took myself and the kids to many dentist appointments, and got into the Halloween spirit. I also discovered Netflix and an endless selection of B-Horror movies.

November: I completed my first draft of AN IRONIC SACRIFICE and jumped into a major overhaul of a previously trunked "baby." It went well until I tore my rotator cuff. The pain meds made my head so foggy that it was hard to write. Between the pills for my shoulder and the nitris from my dental appointments, I wondered if I'd ever be sober again. Sometime here BITE ME, YOUR GRACE went on submission.

December: For some reason the prospect of facing Christmas without my mother was worse this year. I spent a few evenings crying in my car from missing her so badly. And then a problem with my marriage came up. Thankfully we caught it before it became worse and I think we're better because of it. Christmas ended up being very pleasant, albeit hectic, and I just might finish the first round of revisions on WRENCHING FATE before the new year.

Whew! So, how was 2010 for you? Triumphs, regrets? Do tell!


  1. Wow. What an exciting year, mixed with good and bad for sure. I'm spending the week looking back over the year as well. After Christmas is a fun time to look back, isn't it?

    Glad to be part of the TRIBE with you, Brooklyn!

  2. It certainly is. I'm so happy to be part of the TRIBE with you as well :)

  3. ...And I finished this draft of WRENCHING FATE!