Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Awesome Time In The Limelight

See that? That's me at #27 on the Top 100 PAID Kindle bestseller's list! Wednesday MORNING!!!

Because on Tuesday I was a Kindle Daily Deal!!! Naturally I'd anticipated by Kindle sales (Which have been less than impressive) increasing a bit.

But I never expected to go up to 10064... to 133... to 57... and then to 36!

Also, I was #1 in all 3 paranormal romance categories!!!

With a reduced royalty rate due to the discount, it's not that much money, but for exposure, I was overwhelmed and overjoyed. I was above big names like James Patterson, Orson Scott Card, and Janet Evanovich!

Even though I knew that would be a very brief thing, it was still pretty awesome.

Then, when I woke up the next morning, I was at 27!!! With my book back at it's regular kindle price of $5.79. I think I'm at 64 now. So I'm still in the top 100.

For a newbie and relative unknown, this has been an amazing experience.

I want to thank everyone who spread the word and cheered me on that day and all who decided to give BITE ME, YOUR GRACE a shot!

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