Friday, February 3, 2017

I Quit! And other News!

Don't worry, I didn't quit writing. I quit my day job. Today is my last day at a place that I affectionately referred to as the seventh circle of hell.

I took my job at a call center because I was jobless and homeless at the time and had no choice. Of course, when they'd originally put me in the sales and service department in what we know as "the loud floor," I didn't think I was going to make it. I have severe PTSD and crowds, loud noises, and yelling customers set me into a panic attack. Even after my doctor doubled my medication, my hair was falling out, I was vomiting constantly, and I had trouble breathing. One of the supervisors saw my plight and talked to another one, who brought me down to a more peaceful department where I was able to continue to pursue my career and gain success as a full time author.

Not only that, but this boss helped eliminate another big factor of my stress. He changed my schedule to accomodate my custody arrangement with my son, so I could spend as much time with him as possible.

Even better, my floor supervisors were also very patient and understanding when my anxiety was up and I wasn't at my best. The final blessing has been my coworkers. They humbled me with their kindness and make being in a cubicle bearable.

They are part of why I stayed so long. I have never in my life had such kind and awesome coworkers. Like Kaitlin who would bring me food and tea when I'd forget (or be too broke) to bring lunch, Linda, who made me an awesome kitty pen holder (it's at home on my desk), Merri, who gives me surprise Red Bull and spoils us all with doughnuts, Dena, who made me fantastic cookies, and Candy who brought me a farewell cake and gorgeous journal. And then they all almost made me cry with a lovely card you all signed. Oh and thank you to Summer for featuring my books in the company  Newsletter!

I am not leaving because I've become a mega bestseller (which was my original goal) but because I picked up a stay at home job where I can better work on my writing career.

But I am hella excited to get out of here and get more books written for you all to enjoy.


This actually relates to my day job rant. One of my coworkers told a friend about my books (the best way to help me!) and her friend is an artist and drew this amazing picture of Akasha from Wrenching Fate! (Free on Amazon and everywhere else ebooks are sold)

What's to come.

Well, first off, Wynter's Bite is releasing on Valentine's Day.

After that I'll be taking part in the Night Owl Reviews Scavenger hunt. (Details are on the home page on the right side)

Then in March I will be at the Spicy in Spokane book signing and convention. Tickets are only ten bucks if you want to come by and meet me!

March 4th 2017: Spicy in Spokane


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Most importantly, I plan to get a lot more writing done. Next on my list is my next Brides of Prophecy book, and after that, more Hearts of Metal!

So be sure to stay tuned because I think this is going to be an exciting year!

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