Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Rant on Today's Prom Dress Drama

So scrolling through my facebook feed, I saw a few stories about girls getting hell from their schools about their prom dresses. One had to cover up, the other had to leave. None of these dresses made me bat an eye.

This one is classy and almost too modest aside from a bared back and sides

This one reminds me of "Cha-Cha from GREASE.

This one looks like something my conservative grandparents would have loved me to wear to Sunday school... at age 13.

Seeing all this insanity inspired me to dig out my senior prom picture and post in on Facebook with a rant. It seems my dress would have violated all of these.

Prom for most girls is the first time they get to dress in grown-up formal wear. Seriously, that was the freakin' point of prom. It was a rite of passage and acknowledgement that teenagers are becoming adults and thus ready to dress as adults and engage in courtship.  

For me it was that AND the first time I got to dress up in front of my classmates, many of whom called me a "dog" and barked at me when I walked through the halls. It was a chance to try to be pretty and to show them that a guy was willing to be my date. Sadly, my date had dumped me the week before as had the one who was supposed to go with me to Junior Prom, which I skipped, heartbroken. This guy at least was a gentleman enough to still go with me and pretend for a night.

And my dress was VERY special. I was dirt poor but still had some money saved up for a dress, but as you can see, I was very small. All of the stores renting and selling dresses sneered at me and told me to try the CHILDREN'S section.

Yeah, like I wanted to look like a little kid for my first chance to dress like a woman.

After raging at my experience at the formal stores, my goddess of a mom took me to the fabric store and we designed a dress and she MADE it for me. I still have it, though it will never fit again. ((I MISS YOU, MOM!!))

And despite being dumped by my boyfriend and just pretending to everyone that I had a smitten date... and the crappy food at the big event, I had a wonderful time. It really was magical. Girls who had been mean to me complimented my dress with sincerity. Boys who had mocked me actually apologized and said I looked beautiful. Hell, some of them even danced with me.


Seriously, this school dress code thing is insane and demeaning to girls... and boys who now seem to be thought of as mindless animals who will go crazy over an exposed shoulder. These schools are DESTROYING what they themselves have established as a night every student should remember fondly.

I wonder what they'd have to say about Carrie White's dress.

 Oh, wait, I know!


::Mic Drop::


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