Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Book Release Recap/ AKA, the best weekend of my life.

I had the most fabulous weekend ever!
First, I reserved Friday off so it started early. I got dressed up and had a lovely date at Red Lobster with the sweetest guy. I ate ALL the shellfish. :) Then I worked on last minute preparations for my book release and stayed up late, vowing to sleep in, since my virtual release party wasn't until the afternoon.
Nope, I was up at eight checking my sales rankings. It's a good thing I did because I found out there were some technical difficulties with the Kindle, so WRENCHING FATE wasn't up yet. So I spent the morning communicating with technical support. WRENCHING FATE went live on Kindle 5 minutes after the party started.
...and speaking of last minute, I also had a scare with my print books I'd ordered for my signing. They were supposed to come on Thursday, but they got stuck in Illinois due to bad weather. For almost three days, there was no tracking information available. I was terrified that I'd have no books for my signing. 
Thankfully, as my party was in full swing, the books arrived. I totally blew a kiss to the UPS guy. 
And speaking of my virtual party, it surpassed my expectations. I think only 24 people originally signed up to attend, but by the end of the evening, the official attendtees numbered around 60 and that doesn't even count the party crashers. 
Despite my complete lack of organization, all of my guest authors showed up and posted at perfect intervals. And the reader response was incredible. Everyone came away with new book and author recommendations and several came away with prizes.
I am still humbled and blown away by the enthusiasm. The realization that I have fans is still sinking in.
As I was chained to the computer for the FB party, my date ended up feeding me and suprising me with flowers. And I thought his agreement to watch EVER AFTER with me was my Valentine's day present. :) Anyway, after the party wound down, he made me dessert and we watched the movie. He LIKED it!
I accidentally slept in on Saturday. My friend woke me up with a grin, "It's 10:30, do you wanna check your sales rankings?" Alas, I didn't get much time to do that because I had to get ready for my book signing at my local pub. For the occasion, I got my first professional manicure.

Alas I have no pictures yet, but I will soon. Video too!
Anyway, I can't believe how many of my dearest friends showed up to give me support. I sold almost all print copies of my book, recouped cost and shipping and made a little bit for my RT fund. An old friend from high school came and had me sign the first one.
But my heart almost stopped when my old friend Christa walked in the door. We were buddies in 2nd grade and then ended up working together 10 years ago. I'd started writing WRENCHING FATE in a battered notebook and she kept reading my chicken scratch and asking what happened next. SHE is one of the main reasons I became an author. I'd been trying tfor nearly a decade. So when she showed up at my signing I almost cried in joy.
Alas, she couldn't stay long, but I still had a ton of fun with my friends.
I spent Sunday relaxing with my son.
This week I have blog posts, giveaways, copyedits, and revisions to work on. That way I can have another awesome book release party.
Thanks so much to my readers for giving my stories a chance. I owe the world to you! 

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